Kyoshi Tanaka
IMG 8288
Name Kyoshi Tanaka
Kanji きょうし 田中
Personal Status
Birthdate July 30
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Weight 63 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Sunagakure
Home Country Land of Wind
Affiliation Sunagakure, Land of Wind
Rank S
Classification S-Rank
Tokubetsu Jōnin
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai IMG 8286 Yonakagan
Nature Type Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Weapons Kama

Kyoshi Tanaka is a shinobi from the Sunagakure. He is a highly skilled ninja, who operates in the most dangerous missions given. He has access to the Yonakagan and is a profficient wind style user.He has access to many ninjutsu techniques as well as summoning Owls. Kyoshi is known as the "Phantom of the Sand" and is feared by many.


Kyoshi can usually be seen sporting a dark long coat, and a bandage around his forehead. He has medium length black hair and regular shinobi boots. He also carries standard ninja tools, and keeps dual sickles or kama in a seal on his wrists. Kyoshi's eyes are regularly black, but when the Yonakagan is active, the middle of the eye has a grey pattern.


Kyoshi is very neutral. He is laid back and conservative most of the time but will bu loud and take initiative when he needs to be. He will be nice and outgoing to people he cares for, but will remain neutral and quiet to others.


Kyoshi was born and raised for the beginning of his life on his family farm. At the age of 6 he decided to move by himself to Sunagakure to undergo his shinobi training, an uncommon occurance in his clan. There he trained and gradated the academny at age 8, and became a chunin at age 10. During this, Kyoshi also awakened his Yonakagan, a clan dojutsu that is extremely rare. At age 14, Kyoshi became a Jonin, and created a contract with the giant owl Musei.

From there, Kyoshi has been honing his skills and taking on many dificult missions. He does not want to be assigned a team, or teach at the academy.



The Yonakagan ( Midnight Eye) is a secret dojutsu that occurs rarely in the Tanaka Clan. It allows the user to make oneself invisible to the point where the most skill sensory ninja cannot sense them. The user also gains increased speed, night vision, and reaction speed. Not only this, it can also cast powerful genjutsu such as Amanjaku.


Kyoshi's summoning is a giant owl named Mūsei, literally meaning owl. The owl can communicate telepathically with Kyoshi, and shares vision, meaning if Kyoshi is somewhere else, he can stil see what Mūsei is seeing. Mūsei also has the traits of any owl, being superior eyesight and tracking.


Wind Release

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave Wind Release: Vacuum Blade
Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Wind Release: Divine Wind
Wind Release: Cast Net
Wind Release: Passing Typhoon


Kyoshi is fairly proficient in taijutsu. He has basic mastery over the elements of taijutsu, but this can be furthered with the combination/use of his kama, or sickles. He has heightened mastery of this weapon due to its significance in his clan, a traditionally farm based clan, in which a sickle is used for harvest.


Kyoshi can complete basic genjutsu, however his use of the Yonakagan, or midnight eye, allows him to cast powerful genjutsu (although dont last very long) such as Ninja Art: Ricefield Demon Illusion. When using his summoning, Mūsei, he can use her to cast auditory genjutsu on their opponent.

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