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"Suzaku's power has grown far beyond mine. I knew he had hidden strengths, but I never knew he would ascend to this level"

Kyuubi State (Joūtai nō Kyūbi) is an entirely new transformation used only by Suzaku Hyuga, very similar to Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z in appearance and even attainment. In order to achieve this transformation, Suzaku must have experienced an intense emotional upheaval. Because of the intense emotion required to initiate the transformation, mental stability attained therein, is negated, requiring them to remaster the personality changes. Even the gentle, polite Suzaku becomes a hotheaded, merciless fighter after transforming, opting to torture Ryoku rather than kill him.

Appearance and Power

The hair becomes longer and rigid; any hair that hung loose is now raised and the hair becomes a Redish/Scarlet color. Increased energy radiation causes the aura to take on a jagged, flame-like appearance rather than smooth or flowing. Because the energy output and radiation is higher than that of a Jinchuureki form, the aura pulses at a higher frequency. Muscle mass is barely increased, but energy output is multiplied manyfold; such that greater amounts of Suzaku's increased energy capacity can be used at once for more powerful techniques, and even speed is greatly augmented by the boost. The aura also obtains an electrical aura, many red electrical sparks that constantly surround the body — especially when charging up. Suzaku's eyes also become Kyuubi's eyes.

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