This article, Lamenting of the Pure Spirit, is property of Cold hard steel.

I've decided to write a type of pseudo story, but I hope will be a bit more in the form of poetry...



Happiness exudes from us like waves in an ocean, and others are happy for us

We love each other, and it seems like it will last forever, like the prime of spring

We celebrate together, laugh together, walk together, live together

It truly was a grand feeling, like flying through an open field, with an infinite horizon

But it had to end.

Fate, with its cruel hands, grabs us and tears us apart, leaving the other alone and weakened.

We struggle for each other, but the maddening ropes and bindings that hold us fast do not let us go.

What has led to this?

Is it some cruel hoax, just a dream? We cannot possibly be seperated, we are one!

No, I will not give in to divinity, I will not allow this to happen!

But she is gone.

Past my sights, beyond my reach.

Never to laugh with, walk with, live with again...

Sorrow drapes over me like the blankets of snow that fall in winter, much like the coldness of my life without her...

I lament her passing from my arms.

I contemplate this happening, once more asking the sky why she was taken from me.

But the sun has risen.

I look in the direction of the East, across the ocean, where I see a great light, far brighter than the sun and its family

In that light, I see her.

My strength has come back to me.

My Legs are willed to move once again, and I walk, run, sprint to her with all of my speed, rivaling even the winds.

We are within each other, I see tears on her face, and I feel a large smile on mine.

We embrace, and We promise never to be torn apart again.

And so we stay.

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