Land of Canyons

The Land of Canyons.

The Land of Canyons (土地キャニオンズの; Kyōkoku no Kuni) is one of the nine major samurai nations. The Land of Canyons is hot, nigh-cloudless, and extremely arid. Although it is further away than to the shinobi nations that the Land of Iron is, the Land of Canyons is directly, albeit distantly, located Southwest of the Land of Wind. The Land of Canyons has had a long-standing alliance with the Land of Volcanoes, despite the vast distance between the two lands. The Land of Canyons is led by the Kyōkokushogun, and is considered to be the land of martial arts.

Unlike the other lands, the samurai of the Land of Canyons specialize in mixing Taijutsu with their Kenjutsu, and train to perform their combat in erratic, unpredictable ways. Samurai from the Land of Canyons had never entered battle with other nations before the Second Great Samurai War, and many samurai from other lands nicknamed the samurai from the Land of Canyons, many times derogatorily, the Frenzied Samurai. The samurai that come from the Land of Canyons possess the nature affinity of earth.

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