The Land of Disappearance (消失くに, Shōshitsu no Kuni) is a small nation compared to its bordering neighbors to the North is the Earth Country and South the Wind Country. Unlike most other nation who have a daimyo in political position and/or a Kage in charge of military power. The country has a more centralized government unscene in most parts of the world, where a single person has control over almost all expects of life from military to political needs. The person in charge unknowing in the mass population of the country is someone who refers to himself as the "Administrator" everything about him is shrouded in mystery. Knowing nothing about him the majority of the people of the country still accept him as their leader no matter their feelings. There is only a selected few who know anything about the "Adminstrator" the few details they know is what is his name and his apperence, they are known as the "Moderators". Each "Moderator" has adminstration purposes as well, they are known as the peace keepers who mantain order in seven of eight Provinces. The Moderators enforce any law the Administrator passes no matter how the people should feel about it.


The entire region is covered in high mountain peaks which meet the very sky. In the Northern region the mountains and cliffs are the steepest that someone could ever see serving as a naturally barrier protecting half of the country from possible attacks from enemies leaving only a few places for them to come from. One possible place for people to come by is the mouth of the great Shūen river, tough place to navigate through the rapids, but once through the river can lead to a most of the Northern part of the country. Once most noticable part of the country is it is covered in rain forests which lie at the bottom of the mountains which hold some of the strangest animals someone would ever see.




First Great Shinobi World War

A devasting time for the entire shinobi world where the entire world was plunged into chaos where the world seemed like you can not find any friends.

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