Land of Echoes

The Land of Echoes.

The Land of Echoes (土地のエコーの; Hankyō no Kuni) is one of the nine major samurai nations. The Land of Echoes is a largely mountainous region, and several central points of the country are located in its many valleys. The Land of Echoes is famed for possessing great academies, extensive archives, and its splendorous war tactics. During the Second Great Samurai War, the Land of Echoes became the nexus for discussing war strategies and directing information. Even the mightiest lands, such as the Land of Storms and the Land of Iron, could not ignore the treat presented by the Land of Echoes, or by the land's leader, the Hankyōshogun.

In a desperate attack in the mountains, the Duumvirate Alliance and the Imperial Coalition launched a dual attack on the land, decimating it in a surprise siege. Although the vast archives and academies were preserved by the Four Nations Consortium defense tactic, much of the land was dealt a massive blow, and caused the Land of Echoes to become impoverished for years after the attack. The Land of Echoes had long since recovered, though the attack remained a scar in its peoples minds. The samurai of the Land of Echoes possess an elemental affinity towards lightning.

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