The Land of Hearts (こころのくに, Kokoro no Kuni) is a small heart-shaped island based country. It is the home of the Hidden Village, Kokorogakure. The island which is the Land of Hearts is covered in lush terrain. Mixed forests and grasslands are scattered across the islands surface. A few mountain ranges can be found towards the islands center, within these mountain ranges is where the village of Kokorogakure can be found.


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Kokorogakure (村は心の中に潜む, Kokorogakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among the Heart") is the shinobi village of the Land of Hearts. The village was surrounded around the same time as the other shinobi villages before the First Shinobi World War. Before the villages founding, many groups of rebels were attempting a coup d'eat against the Land of Hearts. A lone shinobi from a far away land arrived in the Land of Hearts and then single handedly quelled the rebellion against the Land of Hearts. The daimyo of the Land of Hearts then gave the lone ninja permission to build a village within his nation. The village of Kokorogakure was then born and the lone ninja went on to become the First Hatsukage(最初のハートの影, Literally meaning "First Heart Shadow") of Kokorogakure.

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