The Land of Icecaps (Aissukan no Kuni) is a Country located just west of Yukigakure. It is a vast mountain land with frozen lands along the ground. In the middle lays a large village known as Retsugakure (Village Hidden in the Cold).


The area of Assiukan is a plateu like area with ice covered grass fields. Around the outside, multiple mountains sit creating a natural barrier for the people. They thrive on an underground soruce of water for drinking, bathing and for hot springs. In the middle lays a ninja village. The country itself is quite large and is only a little bit smaller comparred to the River Country.

Main Inports and Exports

The Village is known for their elogant Hot Springs and warm inns that are compensated by the Cold climates. One thing they see as a major inport is fresh meat and often get the aid of the Lightning Conutry for such. In exchange they share their special herbs with the Lightning Country that grows deep underground in the Hot Springs.


Founded by people of Yukigakure years ago, the Land of Icecaps became a somewhat known country. It was famous for its Hots Springs and would soon go to war because of it. People of this Land were draining the Hot Springs water from underground and selling it to other Countries for War materials. The Daimyou was foolish and didn't do anything to the one's selling it. Half of the country grew angry and began attacking the one's stealing. A civil war broke out and the Damiyou was forced to stand down, a new leader rose up and lead the Northern half to victory. The weapons of war were hidden deep within the Land of Icecaps. Years later, a Hidden Village was found to help prevent a Civil War from reoccuring.


  • The Shrine ressurected in Yukigakure was modeled after this Legendary Shrine in which the first Civil War of Aissukan no Kuni was held. It is a constant reminder of that day.

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