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  • Name: 島の国 (Land of Islands)
  • Other Name: Shima no Kuni
  • Hidden Village: Mizugakure
  • Element: Steam, Water
  • Location: East of Land of Water
  • Size: Tree islands


The three islands was originally one, but a war broke out, and an accident split the island into three ones.


It was an argue between the leaders of the island, so they had a fight, to find out who should rule the island. During the battle, the island broke into three smaller island after they hit eachothers with powerful attacks. They were quiet happy with this, and let the three islands move from eachothers. The moving stoped some times after. The laeders are frends now but they never think about conekting the land(s)


The water village is the hidden village in the land of islands

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