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The Land of Lava (溶岩の国, Yougan no Kuni) is a country of several, small volcanoes and geysers that blow up randomly, at which lava flows only five feet below the land. The Second Kage Summit was held in the middle-western part of it. Apparently Waizu is the leader of the Land of Lava, judging by what Kokukozu said about how he was taking care of the country.


  • It is said that the lava has never ceased from flowing (except for the few times in the Winter).
  • It is said that very few times in the Winter it can get so cold that the lava simply freezes, and in the Spring the lava can shift landforms.
  • A rumor, spread across the land, hinted that the Four-Tailed Monkey used to eat the lava/magma that drooled from the volcanoes.

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