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Description and History

The Land of Rain (雨の国, Ame no Kuni) is home to Amegakure, and is filled with a great number of small buildings in a heavily wooded area, suggesting that it might perhaps be located in a rainforest. Its borders are highly defended, and those wishing to pass through the country must first give their name, purpose, and amount of time they intend on staying in the country before being allowed admission. Even if one is permitted to enter the country, they will be under constant surveillance by the government for the duration of their stay.

Because the Land of Rain is situated between three of the five great countries, it often acts as the battlefield for their wars. As a result, its government lacks stability and much of its population is composed of refugees from the various wars. Unknown to the rest of the Naruto world, apart from Konoha, the country has been in a civil war for an undisclosed amount of time, which only ended after the Akatsuki leader, Pain, overthrew the entire country singled-handedly. In doing this, he has become not only the village Leader of Amegakure, but the Daimyo of the Land of Rain itself.