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  • Name: Land Of Roses (Bara no Kuni)
  • Elememt: Earth and Water
  • Hidden Villages Known:
  • Size: 10 Miles bigger than Sea-Country

Backround Information:

The Land of Roses is known for using minor ninjutsu for their agriculture purposes. As a result Bara no Kuni is considered a prime vacation spot. This country is located 67 miles south-east of Jiro Island.

The Land of Roses mostly has warm, sunny weather and the occasional rainstorm/ thunderstorm.

Little is currently known about it and it apparently leaves itself out of most political affairs, which is understandable considering that it is an island relatively remote from the continent containing other countries... But it is known that this country supplies the Land of Whales.

This country does have a Hidden Ninja Village called Togegakure no Sato, VIllage Hidden in the Thorns, which speacilizes in a unique combation of Earth and Water Ninjutsu.

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