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Serpent Country is a country in the continent Suhmer. It's capitol city is Ryugakure.

Basic Information

Capitol: Ryugakure

Element: Air

Nation Rank: 3

Main Religion: Luongism

Land of Serpents

Serpent Country

Located in Suhmer, this large country homes the well-known Village Hidden Among the Dragons. The peoples here follow Luongism, honoring the many Dragon Gods.

Once a small country, ranked #5 on the nation rank list, the Land of Serpents did not make much progress in ninja training. However, Sakura Mito, the second Kaidakage, turned the country's training programs around, and started raising a new, more skilled generation of ninja. This moved the nation's rank past the Land of Claw and Land of Fish, placing it at number three, continuing to grow.

This growth of power concerned the neighboring country, the Land of Radiance. Afraid of the Serpent Country growing far too powerful, it attacked the Serpent Country, resulting in the Butiroshi War. However, Mitsugakure's ally Otogakure backed out at the last few months, and The Radiant Country gradually lost the war.

Years later, after the death of Mito, Hikaru Gekkou took office. At this time, Mitsugakure again tries an attack on Ryugakure, trying to cripple the Land of Serpent's government. This resulted in the Hiroko War. Now backed up by the newly-led Kusagakure, the Land of Radiance saw an advantage over the opposing country. But, Ryugakure's ninja were backed up by the shinobi of Konohagakure. With Konoha allying Ryu, the war ended in a stalemate, with many casualties.

Notable People

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