Land of Spirits

The Land of Spirits.

The Land of Spirits (土地の精霊の; Seishin no Kuni) is one of the major samurai nations. By far, the Land of Spirits is the most mysterious of the samurai nations, including the lesser nations. Its military force is considered to be great, as the land was considered to be a worthy ally by the Land of Iron. The Land of Spirits are led by the Seishinshogun, and are all believed to have interactions, on one level or another, with departed spirits. Few foreigners have ever been allowed to attempt to understand the Land of Spirits' ways and uncanny alleged medium-ship, though many have tried to gain the right in an attempt to attain greater power.

The Land of Spirits is located in around the base of hundreds of mountains, have many marshes located with, and its samurai often make incense that gives off an eerie green mist. The Land of Spirits are extremely secretive, both in culture and military, however, which only increased the suspicion and mysteriousness of their land. Strangely, the Land of Spirits has experienced several unnatural occurrences, including bizarre occurrences of strikes of black lightning, howling wind that carry voices, and the like. Samurai heralding from the Land of Spirits possess a nature affinity towards the wind element.

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