Land of Tornadoes

The Land of Tornadoes.

The Land of Tornadoes (土地の竜巻の; Tatsumaki no Kuni) is one of the nine major samurai nations. Its environment is not dissimilar to the Land of Storms, albeit it is far less intense. True to its name, the Land of Tornadoes is rampant with cyclones of great mass and magnitude, which provides great defense and cover for samurai of the land. The Land of Tornadoes is the only country situated roughly between the other eight samurai nations, and is often considered the gateway towards the other countries. Because of this, the Land of Tornadoes is sometimes nicknamed the Land of the Nine Paths.

The Land of Tornadoes is led by a single samurai, as the other nine nations are, called the Tatsumakishogun. The Land of Tornadoes and the Land of Forests have historically been in an intimate relationship, and a single family even holds the positions of Shogun in both lands. The samurai of the Land of Tornadoes are marked as being constantly battle-ready, which strikes another similarity between them and the Land of Storms, due to their position between eight other major samurai nations. Most samurai in the Land of Tornadoes possess a nature affinity towards wind.

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