Land of Volcanoes

The Land of Volcanoes.

The Land of Volcanoes (土地の火山の; Kazan no Kuni) is one of the nine major samurai nations. The Land of Volcanoes is considered to be the wealthiest of the nine samurai nations, and is led by the Kazanshogun. The Land of Volcanoes is unique in that many of their samurai have strong abilities in nature manipulation, or elementalism, and are consistently capable of using several nature transformations, as opposed to one (or on seldom occasions, two), as most nations are. The Land of Volcanoes, as its name suggests, is located among hundreds of active volcanoes, firestorms, and ash clouds, which amazes many nations. This serves also as a protection, as invading samurai will most likely fall to the land before the sword.

The Land of Volcanoes was nicknamed the Land of Prodigies, as it produced many unusually powerful samurai almost every generation, as opposed to the typical prodigy appearing once every generation. Although many samurai are able to manipulate several elements, most samurai in the Land of Volcanoes possess a nature affinity towards fire.

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