• Name: Land of the Sun
  • Hidden Village: Hareru: Kagegakure no sato (Literally meaning "Sunny Village: Hidden among the Shadows"; also known as "Village Hidden among Sun and Shade")
  • Hidden Village: Kabegakure (Literally meaning Village Hidden in the Wall)
  • Element: Shadow (Kageton, Literally meaning "Shadow Release"; Also known as "Shadow Style" or "Dark Shadow's Art"), Fire (Not official)
  • Location: West of Land of Earth
  • Size: All other nations combined


The Sun Country is one of the oldest nations in shinobi history. Because of this many presume that the Sage of the Six Paths was from this village. This is incorrect, because he was actually in the Land of Shadows.

Overall, this nation is the combined area of all other (minor and great) nations. No one was ever able to reach the hidden village because a rumor was told that there is one spot that the sun shines so brightly, that it burns them. Only few were able to reach there.


It was said that over thousands of years ago, a meteor crashed on one part of the ocean. It was revealed to be a part of the sun. It crashed into the ocean and somehow raised the ocean floor and created land. The land was hot and would burn anyone in less that a second if they steped on that surface. Thousands of years later, the land cooled of and Shinto gods founded the land and shaped it to will. Gods started settling the land then summoned life into the land. Animals, plants, and humans were conquering the land. They later decided to have a daimyo. The first one in the history of the world. This god was the most powerful ever to live. He was able to use the Kagegan. His surname was Sanmaru. He vanished and a new one was leader. He was the brother of the first.

Hareru: Kagegakure no sato

Hareru: Kagegakure no sato was founded by the Third Gokage Sennin (Known as Daimyo formerly). All citizens would be able to know the Kagegan.