Indo Huiyo


Kakashi Hatake

(setting: A year before Part 1, Leaf Forest in Konahagakure)

Indo Huiyo released another electric ball on the tree. He put his hands on his knees, "This was supposed to be a techinque that an Uchiha can learn! Why am I not getting it? Sasuke's father said I could...with my potential." Indo looked at his scar. Suddenly Indo heard a voice, "Is that really what Fugaku said?" Indo turned, and a Jonin named Kakashi Hatake was walking up. Indo turned, "Hey you're Might Guy's rival, Kakashi Hatake." Indeed I am Guy's rival." Kakashi thought,"And he got to have Genin earlier, I will show him!" Kakashi continued, "You know, I'm the one who made that technique. However, to use that jutsu, needs a sharingan." Indo repied,"And you have it?" Kakashi looked at him, "Yes, in a matter of fact I do." Kakashi looked one way, then another. Then he raised his headband. His left eye had the Sharingan. Kakashi lowered the headband, "There it is. You know, it isn't like Fugaku Uchiha to fill kids' heads with hope, especially one who can never have it." Indo looked back, "But wait! Look!" Indo eyes span around to the form of Sharingan. Kakashi put his finger on the side of Indo's left eye. He crouched, "Yes, it is. You are Huiyo, yes?" Indo's eyes reverted, "Yes, I am. That's what it said on the headband." Kakashi was confused, "What headband?" Indo replied, "The one they found me with. It says, 'Indo Huiyo', on it." Kakashi thought, "This is strange." Kakashi turned and smiled (even though you couldn't see his face), "Alright, Indo, this jutsu is a very high ranked jutsu. There are many forms, however, I call mine, Lightning Blade." Kakashi put his left arm on his upper right arm. Electricity started to form into a ball in his hand. Kakashi ran at the tree and stabbed the chidori through it. Kakashi turned, "See." Indo repled,"But the problem I'm having is creating the chidori." Kakashi sighed, "Here let me see."

45 minutes later....

Kakashi was leaning on a tree reading "Make-out Paradise", and Indo kept trying to form the chidori. It was silent until Kakashi said, "Interesting..." Indo turned, "What?" Kakashi dropped his book, "What?" Indo got angry, "Wait! You're supposed to be helping me! Instead, you're reading a perverted book!" Kakashi's face turned red, "Heh heh, well, let me help." Indo put his hand up to Kakashi. Kakashi said, "Now start creating it." Indo started making it appear. Kakashi assisted with his hands. Then Indo made the chidori. Indo yelled, "Yes! Thank you!" Kakashi started to walk off, "You're welcome. Just now, find a way to make something to assist making it!" Indo yelled back, "Like what?" Kakashi turned and shrugged, "I dunno. Good night!" Indo checked his watch, "But it's only 3 in the afternoo-", Indo looked up, and Kakashi was gone.

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