This article, Levitation Technique, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Levitation Technique
Kanji 空中浮遊テクニック
Rōmaji Jikifujou no jutsu
Literal English Levitation Technique
English TV Ninja Art: Levitation Jutsu
Rank C-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

The Levitation Technique is a basic technique using Izanami of his Taifugan eyes, in which Ryun will gather surrounding chakra below his feet to lift him off the ground. His max range is five meters, meaning he can go no further than five meters above where he is standing. Because the jutsu uses outside chakra instead of Ryun's own, Ryun can use it as long as he has enough chakra to activate his Taifugan.

Harutomaru Senju also has displayed use for this power without the Taifugan, which hints that it may not be Kekkei Genkai.


  • The name "Jikifujou no jutsu" or more specifically "Jikifujou" is the japanese term used when referring to magnetic levitation. The reason I chose this term, is because the jutsu and Kekkai Genkai(s) of the Mazuka Clan, from which this technique was derived, all have something to due with magnetic chakra.

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