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Liberation of Konohagakure

The War of Ragnarok






Select member of the Ashiki, Rebels of Konoha

Order of the Apocalypse

Forces Involved
  • Rudogā
  • Several Tanks and Footsoldiers
  • Various minor injuries.
  • Loss of The Order's Leader and the downfall of their influence in the 5 Great Nations

The Liberation of Konohagakure was the one of the final battles which occurred in The War of Ragnarok. The attacking group, led by Suzaku, penetrated into Konohagakure and fought with occupying Order of the Apocalypse forces in Konohagakure in order to free the city in the name of the Leaf.

The large Apocalypse Order garrison outnumbered the small group, and the arrival of the Pole Star increased their power. However, the group consisted of very powerful ninjas, meaning that the group had a considerable tactical advantage, leading to their victory.

The battle was a decisive defeat for the Order armies, who were also defeated at the Battle at Wulong Forest.

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