The Light Release (明るいスタイル,literally meaning light style) area of elemental nature transformation are techniques that allow users to manipulate light from a pre-existing source or create light itself by turning their chakra into light.The light release chakra nature is unique to the Land of Light.This chakra nature is quite powerful as can be used for various offensive purposes though it has little defensive applications.This chakra nature has seen exstensive use in assassinations as the user can manipulate invisible light from a distance to attack a target.The Light style is known to be strong against Shadow and Fire and weak against Water and Earth.The Light natured chakra can be combined with fire natured chakra to create the Beam Release kekkei genkai.


It is said that the Light Release was created by the Ten-Tailed Eregansu no Tori over a thousand years ago and it was widely practiced along with the other five chakra natures in the time of the Sage of the Six Paths,though it eventually along with the even lesser known Shadow Release became lost to time.There has been a sudden resurgence in recent times of the Light and Shadow styles thanks to the efforts of Akino and Kiki Kouan who re-discovered the styles and applied them to their people.

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