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  • Name: Lighning Release: Burst Technique (雷遁・内発の術, Raiton: Naihatsu no Jutsu, English TV: Lightning Style: Palm Burst Jutsu, Literally meaning: Lightning Release: Burst of Energy from Within Technique)
  • Type: B-rank, Offensive, Short Range
  • User(s): Ganata
  • Hand Seals: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

After performing the necessary hand seals, the user extends his right arm with the palm extended and braces the right arm with his/her left arm. A thin bolt of lightning then travels from the user's palm forward toward the desired target. Being a Lightning Release the technique seems to travel relatively quickly and unlike some lightning based techniques it has a quick activation time. The technique has the ability to cause a moderate amount of damage on the human body with even a indirect hit. A downside to the technique is that the user is unable to defend his/herself while it is being performed seen when the Yamagakure shinobi Ganata died after failing to strike his opponent with it.

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