• Name: Lightning Release: Rasen-Chidori
  • Type: S-rank
  • Users: Hayai Sarutobi
  • Hand Seals: Ox, Rabbit, Monkey

Rasen-Chidori is a jutsu using the Fourth Hokage's ideals, to combine nature manipulation with Rasengan. This technique was first created as a variation of Hayai's Lightning Release: Rasengan. This jutsu is much stronger its original version. Because this jutsu combines Rasengan and Chidori, the hand seals for Chidori are needed to form it. When Hayai successfully hits and enemy with this jutsu, a huge explosion of light will envelope the enemy. The enemy will usually be killed outright by the explosion, but even he/she doesn't the Rasen-Chidori will shoot billions of small Chidori Senbons that will target almost every cell in the enemy's body, causing necrosis in the enemy's body. Hayai may also use the senbons to simply paralyze the opponent. This jutsu does major damage to the surrounding area, and it can destroy and entire village, but it consumes a lot of energy and may only be used once a day.

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