• Name: Lightning Release: Thunderstorm Rasengan
  • Element: Lightning
  • Type: S-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
  • Users: Uzumaki clan members who have Lightning chakra

Lightning Release: Thunderstorm Rasengan is a technique created by the Uzumaki Clan. The technique is created by creating the Rasengan and then adding Lightning chakra into it. When the technique is properly created, the Rasengan glows white and yellow and electricity shoots from it, looking very similar to the Hatake family's Raikri. These bolts of electricity do not harm the user. When it hits the target, the target is engulfed in lightning chakra. Most of the time the target is killed but if the target survives, they will have serious electrical burns all over their body. If the technique misses, an explosion will be created and lightning will shoot out in all directions.

Some enemies mistake Thunderstorm Rasengan as Chidori and underestimate the technique with fatal consequences.

  • not proven anywhere in Naruto, total fake, for fun only, don't think its real.*

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