• Name: Lightning Release: Focal point seiers
  • Type: Lightning Release B-rank Offensive Defensive(User)
  • Hand seals: Ox, Rabbit, Monkey
  • Users: Ahatake Kurosaki Future Ahatake

This is a series of Lightning Release jutsu made by Ahatake Kurosaki. To use them the user needs to be able to perform the Chidori a minimum of three times a day. The finished jutsu when all three are used the user takes the appearance of a knight. The armor and shield are very Durable and the swords cutting power is magnificent.

Jutsu in the series

Lightning Release: Guard point 1

This is the jutsu the forms the shield. The shield is very durable and doesn't break easily.

Lightning Release: Guard Point 2

This forms the knight armor and is very durable.

Lightning Release: Attack Point

This form the swords. Ahatake uses his own sword combines with Lightning Release Chakra for this jutsu. Cutting power is magnificent.

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