• Name: Literally "Lightening Release: Thunder Showdown Technique", English TV "Lightening Style: Thunder Showdown Jutsu")
  • Type: B/C-Rank, Normal, Long (20m ~ 30m)
  • Hand Seals: Rat, Dog, Ram, Boar, Dog, Ox, Ox, Rat
  • Users: Some Raigakure ninjas

Lightening Style: Thunder Showdown Technique is a powerful Ninjutsu which only strong Raigakure citizens are able to use. This jutsu is in most use inside of the Hidden Lightening Village, due that it's lightening all the time. It makes one or some of the lightenings send down at the place where the user wants it to. If to opponents is using it at the same time, the attacks will neutralice each others.

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