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The Lord of Laughs (笑いのリーダー,leader of laughter) is the ruler of the entirity of the Village of Laughter and functions similarly to the Kage of the Hidden Villages though unlike a Kage,the LoL as it is often abbreviated is the ruler of the entire Land of Deception.He or she is the supreme leader of all Ninja Jester.The current LoL is a Ninja Jester known simply as Kokkei

The descion of whoever recieves the title of LoL requires the participants undergoing a series of what can only be described as strange tests which include accuracy tests that involve pies and human targets,Genjutsu mastery tests,using comical jutsu on a target to make a crowd of carefully selected people laugh among other things.The title of LoL is looked upon by the Kage and shinobi of other villages with mocking humour and shame that any ninja would want to involve themselves in such a shameful profession.It seems that this is not true of all the countires as Kirigakure and the Mizukage are very acceptant of the Ninja Jesters even accepting them into their own army.

It is known that they were about twelve Lord of Laughs before the current one which could possibly mean that the title of LoL is much older than the title of Kage which means that the Village of Laughter could have been the first shinobi village though this is yet to be proven.

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