This article, Magen: Heki Chisoki, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Magen: Heki Chisoki - Demonic Illusion: False Speed Technique

The user begins this jutsu by infusing their eyes with chakra while concentrating on the genjutsu at hand. After doing so they only need to establish eye contact for a brief period of ten seconds before being fully implanted into the opponents system. The user can then choose the time that the genjutsu will take effect and strike. Please not that this jutsu does not allow you to control time. It only allows you to affect the way the opponent perceives time around them. For the genjutsu to really be taken into effect, it is best to have the user in a completely calm and relaxed state that does not show motion. That will allow it to be much harder for the opponent to recognize a genjutsu simply because the user has not moved enough to tell any difference in their surroundings. After this genjutsu is activated the user will have a window of about 25 minutes to defeat the opponent before the genjutsu wears off and becomes useless.

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