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Magnet Release

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Magnet Release

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Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton) is an advanced nature kekkei genkai and is a combonation of wind and lightning. It allows the user to convert their chakra into magnetic forces and magnetise any object they desire. It is unknown where it originates from but both Sunagakure and Kumogakure possessed users of this kekkei genkai in the past.

Forms and Uses

  • Toroi from Kumogakure would magnetise special shuriken. When the thrown shuriken comes into contact with any other object, it causes the struck target to become magnetised. One hit to the body will cause a magnetic field within the said body, making it an easy target for any further magnetised weapons to be drawn to it. However, each time the magnetism is transferred, it weakens.
  • The Third Kazekage studied the abilities of a previous jinchūriki and learned to imitate the power to control sand. However, when he imitated sand techniques, he incorporated iron powder instead. He could use it to crush his opponents or even mould the sand into weapons.
  • The Fourth Kazekage could manipulate Gold Dust with his magnetic chakra, which is specifically used to counter Shukaku's sand, by taking advantage of gold's heavier weight to mix in with the sand and hamper its control. When the Fourth Kazekage uses this nature, he gains black rings around his eyes, similar to the ones around Gaara's eyes.
  • A rather unique form of Magnet Release utilised by Natsu Yuugure, a member of the almost extinct Yuugure Clan. His form of Magnet Release is nicknamed by him as Magnet Wand. He utilises it by using Chakra Flow to direct his unique and magnetic chakra nature to attract mineral particles, most commonly Copper and Gold, to his sword to be able to enhance his strikes, or control these elements from a distance, creating small waves, and using them for other purposes. However due to haven't mastered the technique, he still has to keep incredible control and focus, as well as using a considerable amount of chakra to utilise the technique.
  • Kin Sakomoto uses a special form of the magnet release which allows him to magnetise anything he touches or whatever he touches comes in contact that is made of metal or contains any type of metal like a shuriken or the particles in sand. He can use the gold dust just like the fourth kazekage and can make it change shape at will to fit his needs in battle but he can also create a magnetic wave around his body for protection and counter attacks.


  • Shinzo can control (move) anything that is metal, period.
  • There seems to be a form of magnetism available to those with just the base Lightning nature, with good enough chakra control, to manipulate and enhance the magnetic waves by their own chakra, While normally small and unnoticed, those with a particular mastery over lightning can enhance these to become as great with magnetism as Magnet Release users, perhaps even greater, as they are able to magnetize a lot of things, besides just metal. This form has been dubbed, "Electromagnetism", a sub-type for skilled Lightning Masters.


  • Like Lava Release and Dust Release, Magnet Release has more than one user with no apparent blood-relation to each other.
  • The anime character Jiga also possessed a seemingly similar ability of magnetism. This was from ingesting iron when he was younger which essentially made him a human magnet.

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