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This a wiki of fan-invention. Fans of the series are free to create their OC's, their own storyline(s), etc.

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The Naruto Fanon Wiki, founded in 2009 by LaviBookman, is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Naruto universe. Here, we allow users to create their own fan fiction stories, characters, jutsu, etc., as well as allowing them to collaborate together in what is known as a roleplay; where fan fiction writers can write stories together, pit characters against each other in fights, and even do comedy skits. Users are also encouraged to get to know each other, make friends, and communicate with each other via the Message Walls provided by Wikia to promote a friendly writing environment, as well as allowing them to collect feedback for their works. Our goal is constant improvement in quality to become the best Naruto fansite on the internet!

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Cáo Dǎiyì (曹歹意, Zou Gatsui) is an ANBU captain and prominent member of the covert assassination branch known as the Yōri. As a child, he possessed insufficient skill in the art of nature transformation and lacked both desire and motivation to truly become a shinobi, resulting in his superiors labelling Dǎiyì as nothing more than training for their prodigious students. However, the superiors failed to notice the immense potential within the abysmal darkness surrounding the future shinobi's heart. A reservoir of potential awaiting to be sparked, whose embers would result in a light that pierced through his emotionless and heartless facade before creating a shinobi with a determination that has been proven unbreakable.

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