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Jellal's Eye
Kanji 暗闇の眼
Rōmaji Yami no me
Literal English Eye of Total Darkness
Other Shade Eye
Appears in Anime, Manga
Known Wielders

The Makkuragan is the kekkei genkai of the Niigata clan. It is their link to the shadow realm that they are destined to watch over. The Makkuragan comes in three different forms rather than mangekyou forms that other doujutsus have. Each of these three forms contains a different ability and when put together unlock the full power of the shadow realm. To achive its full power, all three forms must be held by a single person. This is the same curse that the Uchihas have dealt with.


  • Shouheki Makkuragan - Where ever the user looks and outputs his chakra, (very similar to Amateratsu), an invisible barrier can be placed to blo
    Barrier eye

    Kaluko using his barrier eye

    ck off anything that it touches. Only one barrier can be active at one time and has a use interval of 2 minutes. They are destroyed after the user stops outputting chakra to that point.
  • Sori Makkuragan - Where ever the user looks and outputs his chakra, (very similar to Amaterats
    Warp eye

    Saix's Warp eye pattern

    u), a warp appears between the shadow and classic dimensions. Unlike Kakashi's mangekyou sharingan, this does not suck others in the warp, it just appears. It can also be made into various sizes. The warps made by the eyes will be reopened the next place the user opens the eye that made the warp. These warps have a use interval of 2 minutes
  • Jikoku Makkuragan - By a constant output of chakra, the user can manipulate time in h

    Samoi's Time Eye

    owever way they wish. From Pausing time itself to speeding it up rapidly. This ability requires the constant output of chakra through the eyes, disabling the use of any other jutsu. The time effect also wears off after 5 seconds and cannot be used again for 2 minutes.
  • Seichuu Makkuragan - All three versions of the Makuragan imbued into one eye. The effects also change into more powerful abilities. The Barrier eye now has the ability to create prisms instead of walls.
    Jellal's Eye

    Saix using his control eye

    the Warp eye can now encase over a certain area as a dome and sap away the chakra within it; and the time eye can now use time effects on individual places instead of a general use. These abilities can only be used one at a time and at a 3 minute interval. The reason this eye is the symbol of the clan and Soeki leader, is it's ability to suppress or give birth to one's use of Shade Release


Saix Niigata