The Mar Clan is one of three clans that make of the group of mercenaries Sons of the Shadows. The Mar are the main tracker ninja in the group due to their hieghtend senses and Kekkei Genkai. Their main family is under constant shift due to assassinations.


The Mar Clan were once of affiliated the Hidden Mist Village. They were highly respected for their CQB abilities and their incredibly sharp senses. However once the Hidden Leaf Village took in the Inuzuka Clan the Mar were easily defeated due to their lack of a ninja hound as partner. Disgraced the Mar left the Mist Village and began to live as savages. They acted as a pack of wolves obeying the strongest of the "pack"

Ruki Clan

After two generations the Mar encountered the Ruki Clan. The Mar first considered them as prey. As such there was a little clan war, with the Ruki ambushing the Mar picking them off from a distance. However as soon as the Mar got close enough to fight the Ruki were outmatched. Eventually the two clans realized that they would benefit from a partnership. So they formed the Sons of the Shadows.

Sons of the Shadows

The Ruki and Mar clans argued over which clan would be dominant in the alliance. The two clans were almost at the point of war again when a mysterious man known only as The Shadow appeared and nearly wiped out both clans single handedly. The Shadow then decared himself the ruler of the two clans, claiming they were his "sons". The Mar made one last attempt to kill The Shadow, which ended with all but twenty members beign slaughtered. In a matter of hours the Ruki and Mar had both agreed to follow The Shadow.

Dail Clan

Once the Sons of the Shadows encountered the Dail they quickly asked if they would join them. The Dail refused to join do to them not liking authority over them. The Sons of the Shadows however didn't want to take no for an answer so they made this offer. "Join us or be EXTERMINATED." The Dail responded violently to this. The Dail fought valiently they were however quickly defeated. The Mar welcomed the Dail as equals for their valient last stand.

Clan Relations

  • Inuzuka: Most members still bear a deep hatred the Inuzuka
  • Ruki: The Mar have always respected the Ruki for their ability to set ambushes (Catching a Mar off gaurd was a real feat)
  • Dail: The Mar respect the Dail for their affinity with medical ninjutsu and their willingness to fight

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