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The well known Bloodline Massacre from long ago has not destroyed the Hyouton race, but has speeded up the processes of evolution. Yukio is the first and only Hyouton gaining abnormal strength from the death's of millions slayed. His control over water has been seen to move human bodies, due to all being 80% water. This Mizukage is looked at as the " Hyouton's Messiah", as in their new hope to a raise to power. Yukio is not a fair kage, but a prideful dictator with a careless mind. Believing his race is Superior to all others, cleaning and protecting the gene pool from weaker races mixing back into society has become his goal. His ways are crule, for he every bit of a terrorist. His heart is as cold as ice, and holds no compassion for those ordered to be slayed. Seeking to perform a Bloodline Massacre of his own known as "The New World Order" the Massacre is one to be full of payback, as in discarding the lesser life forms. Knowing that the weak and fearful of Kirigakure will once again try a holocaust, he is shown time after time to wish to be quick with his own movement. 

" No one should play the role of Natural Selection, only the superior races. "

Qouted by Mizukage Yukio

" The Massacre made me this strong, I'm godsent by Mother Nature to allow the true desires of evolution take place within Hidden Mist."

Qouted by Mizukage Yukio

"Many died making my strength, I honnor my fallen race greatly"

" Odd? That I've gained off of the old Holocaust?"

If you refer to someone as a messiah, you mean that they are expected to do wonderful things, especially to rescue people from a very difficult or dangerous situation, or that they are thought to have done these things.

  • == Power and Abilties ==

Hyouton Force - Strength of The Superior

Lavitiaing Ice Cap - Floating Ice block

Chakra Abosrbing Rain Cloud

Water Pressure Jutsu

Hidden Falling Destroyer - Summoning from above

Cold Hibernation Summoning - Awaken of The Frozen

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