Matsumomo Hikari is one of the main characters of the series Naruto: The New World Chronicles. She first appears in the series as a girl in Kenji's academy class on the day of the Genin Exams, she is overly shy and yet has a really short temper.



Matsumomo Hikari is a twelve-year-old girl born within Konohagakure no sato: The Village Hidden in the Leaves. She has no shinobi background in her family unlike many of the other young children in her class and wanted to become a shinobi to prove she is not weak. She is very invovled in her ninjutsu and genjutsu practices although she isn't too keen on taijutsu. She is friendly with all kids in the academy class, even Kenji, despite the fact that see and other classmates find him annoying.

Involvement in the Story So Far

12 Years Ago: Matsumomo Hikari was born.

The Beginning: Matsumomo Hikari is introduced in the story as a young girl in Kenji's academy class.

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