Mayuri Clan (繭利一族 Mayuri Ichizoku), is a clan native to Amegakure, though it's member's are nomadic, and settle wherever they please.


Mayuri Symbol

Symbol of the Mayuri Clan

Not much is known about the Mayuri Clan, despite the fact that they originated in Amegakure. They eventually grew tired of being in one village and began to disperse, traveling to different areas of the globe. Almost all member's of the Mayuri Clan wear a soul symbol with the Amegakure village symbol contained in it on their back to show where they're ancestors original came from. Some Mayuri Clan member's still reside in Amegakure.


Mayuri possess special chakra that allows them to control souls. It is a strange ability that is possessed by every member of the clan. They can manipulate their own souls or the souls of others without a medium, but can only manipulate dead souls within a particularly spiritual area such as a shrine, or in an area attuned to the afterlife, such as a graveyard. Due to this limitation, they carry around holy items to augment their powers and make it possible to bring souls back from the dead without being in designated areas.

They also possess the ability to channel spiritual energy into their hands in a manner similar to the Gentle Fist, though the affected target is not the Keirakukei, but the opponent's soul. Normally a soul cannot be physically harmed, due to it being a mass of spiritual energy, and as such cannot be harmed except by other spiritual energy based attacks. This applies to the Spirit Palm of the Mayuri. Coating their hands in spiritual energy, far different from chakra, the hand becomes capable of doing damage to an opponent's soul by simple contact with the body. When touched, the hand sends spiritual energy into the opponent's body and cuts their soul. Should the soul be destroyed, the opponent will die.

The Mayuri Clan's final ability is reincarnation. When they die, whether by natural causes or by murder, their soul immediately seeks out the first body it can find, usually a fetus that as yet to aquire a proper soul. It then develops like a normal person, retaining no memories of it's former life. The soul normally seeks out a Mayuri Clan fetus to inhabit.

Known Members

Minako Mayuri

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