Name: Chakra Redirection jutsu
Element: None
Type: A-rank, Supplementary, Close Range (0-5m)
Users: Hinata Hyuga

After Hinata recieved medical training to bolster her skills as a shinobi, Hinata was able to create a new jutsu. With the use of her Byakugan, Hinata looks into her patient and redirects the flow of chakra throughout the body by closing some tenketsu and by closing them, she directs the chakra to the injury. In this way, when she heals her patient, the patient's own chakra is helping her heal the victim. The healing is able to go faster this way because the body is healing itself. Later Hinata is able to charge the tenketsu she closes off with healing chakra so that the chakra then becomes healing chakra and the redirected chakra heals the victim by themselves. By being able to do this, Hinata can have 3 or 4 injured people all healing at the same time and being able for her to focus on more serious wounds or other goals. Since Hinata has proven being capable of using this high-level medical ninjutsu she has been very useful to her team. Hinata has developed a medical ninjutsu that could easily surpass Sakura's.

Hinata pwns Sakura.

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