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Kanji (名) 若者
Rōmaji Meshita
Literal English Young
Classification Genjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand seals Rat → Horse → Serpent


Meshita ((名) 若者, literally meaning young) is a genjutsu that forces the opponent to believe that he/she is a child.It is known to be quite effective as,as long as the genjutsu is in effect,the opponent can be killed very easily.The Meshita unlike most genjutsu does not last for long and has a limited time that it can remain in effect,usually ten minutes.This jutsu requires a lot of chakra as the area of the brain the user manipulates is quite complex and so a large amount of chakra is needed to pull of the jutsu effectively.It is very comedic to see your opponent lying on the ground crying their eyes out and screaming for milk.This jutsu is known to be used very frequently by Ninja Jesters.