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  • What technique are you applying for?

    Flying Thunder God

    Who will use this technique?

    Tomiko Uzumaki

    How will they learn this technique?

    Tomiko recreated this technique through a Flying Thunder God Kunai her mother gave to her and the Summoning Technique. Tomiko's mother obtained this kunai when her and a group a Uzumaki clan members were traveling to find a new home after the destruction of Uzushiogakure. She found this kunai wedged into a tree so she took it mainly for a bit of protection. When Tomiko's mother and the group she was with arrived to Kumo, they settled in and had Tomiko. As Tomiko's mother got older she decided that this kunai would be a symbol of her struggles in life, so she gave the kunai to Tomiko as a give that was to be treasured. At the time, Tomiko was a Genin, and had no clue what to do with the kunai, to her it was another throwing tool. But she took it with her as a reminder of her mother. As years passed on, Tomiko still didn't know the value of the Kunai and what she could do with it if she unlocked how to use the formula that was on it. When she met Aoi Uchiha and they got married, she showed this Kunai to him and he knew what it was. He told her who used it and what it could do, after telling Tomiko this, Tomiko developed the Formula Decryption Technique in order to unlock the formula used on the Kunai. When she used it on the formula she was able to see what to do but she had no idea how to teleport using the FTG. So she had to figure out how to teleport through that dimensional void that is used in FTG. She went to the village library and took Astronomy, Physics, and other books that talked about space time ninjutsu and space time travel. This lead her to having to study the Summoning Technique, it was similar in the aspect of instantly teleporting, she used her Formula Decryption Technique on the Summoning Technique, and she found which part of the formula was used to teleport animals and other summons. She made her own seal and tested the pulled formula from the Summoning technique that was used to teleport. After a few tries she succeeded, but there was a problem, unlike FTG, when she teleported she needed hand signs and a poof a smoke like the Summoning Technique was created after teleporting. She went back to the FTG and compared the decrypted formulas of the Summoning and FTG. She found a similarity in the formulas, so she pulled out the similar formula's and created a new seal. When she tried it, she achieved teleporting instantly without hand seals and a poof of smoke at the end.

    How will they make it unique?

    She will use the FTG in with her other Fuinjutsu techniques and create a Kenjutsu using the FTG. Also using FTG, instead of teleporting herself to her seal, she teleports things to her similar to the Summoning Technique, she would be able to do this because she recreated a portion FTG through summoning. She will also be able to halt the teleportation process leaving herself or what ever she would teleport in the dimensional void that is used to teleport. She will also make technique diverted from FTG that will use the dimensional void that is used to teleport.

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  • Am I required to reapply for things like Flying Thunder God Slash if I already have FTG?

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  • What technique are you after? Flying Thunder God/Hiraishin

    Who is the user of this techique? Jinsei Rao (I clearly have very few ideas for him, this is one of them)

    How will they learn this technique? Jinsei's entire motivation to become stronger is to protect his family, and went to great lengths to do so. After hearing of the Second's and the Fourth's legendary strength, he decided that, by gaining even a fraction of their strength, he would be able to protect his family. He began searching obsessively through all of Konoha's records in an attempt to find some clue on how to use the Hiraishin, going to some extreme measures, including breaking into the Hokage's private records. He, however, found no records of how to use this technique, and found himself at a dead end. He later learned that a weakened version of the technique had been learned by the Hokage's guard, and began learning the basics of the technique under them. After learning this, he began attempting to adapt this technique for single-person use, and, after several months of calculating, training and several failed attempts, he found himself capable of using the technique.

    How will they make it unique? Jinsei is a master at kenjutsu, especially using his family's unique tantou, the Half Moon Sabre, and will combine his kenjutsu and FTG for more effective combat. Not only will he use it to enhance his striking power with the Hiraishingiri a la Tobirama, he will also use it for hit-and-run tactics by attacking then teleporting, barrages by slicing, tossing the marked object, teleporting, and repeating, and attacking the foe's vital points from behind. He has also marked the hilt of his sword in order to create barriers if he is ever in need of it. He normally uses his sword as his marked objects, but will also use other humans, kunais and even the environment around him. He is capable of effortlessly marking an object just by pressing his right palm onto it. However, his versatile use of this technique has made him fragile - he so rarely takes direct hits that he has spent little time training his durability, meaning that a few direct hits could defeat him.

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  • Who is the user of this technique?

    Kisui Iyoku (Still working on him.)

    How will they learn this technique?

    Kisui's always striving to learn new techniques to keep his battle strategies fresh. A lot of the time, he relied on the ancient shinobi spirit that resided alongside his for advice. The spirit felt that Kisui's speed was somewhat lacking, and gave advice on how to improve it. Kisui never considered himself the fast type, but if it's something that would improve his skills, he'd do it. Following tips from the spirit, Kisui tried many different things to increase his speed, but nothing really worked in a way that Kisui felt were of benefit to him. The spirit, having been around since the days of the First and Second Hokage, remembered Tobirama using a technique that transpired space and time itself, a near instant teleportation technique known as the Flying Thunder God. The only two things the spirit remembered specifically about the technique was the requirement of a special formula, and that it required an immense amount of concentration to perform.

    Having spent five years of traveling had given Kisui some insight on certain things, but the Flying Thunder God technique was rather new to him, despite the technique itself being old, and would probably require more digging into in order to find the proper formula. As luck would have it, Kisui stumbled upon a formula; One left in a forest by Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, during his battle with A and B. It was placed on a kunai left hanging in a tree and was just barely legible, but the formula was there. Spending the rest of the night in an inn at Konohagakure, Kisui began deciphering the formula, figuring out the proper kanji that were used to create the formula. It was more difficult since the spirit couldn't help, primarily because even if he knew the formula from Tobirama's usage of the technique, Minato's was far different. After several hours of deciphering, Kisui finally figured out the kanji on the kunai. Having written it down on a note, he would begin training on it the next day.

    That following morning, Kisui returned to the forest where he found the kunai, figuring it would be as good a spot as any to train. The spirit advised him that intense concentration was key in utilizing the technique, and recommended trying short distances first, then increasing the distance with each successful attempt. Agreeing, Kisui placed the formula on a patch of dirt, creating a seal over the ground where he would teleport at. Starting off at ten feet, Kisui began his first attempt at the technique. Despite his concentrations, nothing was happening. At that point, Kisui realized something; If it transpires space and time, a void would have to be created. Instead of concentrating on where he should go, he learned he would have to concentrate on creating two voids; One to enter, and the other that is anchored to the seal. By this point, he learned it was going to be a lot more difficult than he realized. The spirit decided to chip in how he could, using his chakra to combine with Kisui's to give him a boost. To make things a bit more simpler, Kisui would create the first rift, then start concentrating on an anchor to the next. Having created the rift, it pulled him into a dimension between space and time, where both cease to flow. Utilizing visual memory, Kisui created the second rift, connecting it to the formula seal. The first attempt was partially successful. He managed to go through the void, but it sent him through faster than he expected, ending it in a rather painful faceplant.

    Having gotten the basics of the technique down, all that was left was to stick the landing. It took several attempts, each of them not only causing painful landings, but also taking a big hit in his and the spirit's chakra as well. Such intense amounts of concentration requires a strong flow of chakra, one that Kisui hopes will be reduced the more he uses the technique. Over the course of the next few weeks, Kisui's landing improved, but he was still using up a lot of chakra. Having felt he got the landing down, it was time to train in chakra reduction; Each time he did the technique, he would reduce the amount of chakra used and keep using it at that level until he could properly use the technique with reduced chakra. Weeks of training turned into months, but Kisui finally got it down to where he could use it without utilizing a large amount of chakra. Over this time, Kisui also began working on the distance, and after weeks of distance training, was able to teleport to it by up to a mile away

    Once that was done, Kisui felt it needed something else; Something that makes it one of a kind. Having some knowledge with other seals, he began multiple teleportation training, combined with seal overlays. By overlaying the formula with an elemental seal, Kisui figured he could do a lot of damage to those around the area of impact. By this point, Kisui added a new addition to the formula; a numerical index that numbers the seals to allow him to jump to each of them in numerical order. This would make things a bit more simpler for Kisui and to further the simplicity, he'd place different overlays on the seals to activate them in order. He started with a simple one; A Fire Release seal that dispersed fire within a 360 degree radius around the seal. By overlaying it onto the formula, Kisui jumped into the void. Forming the hand seal required to activate the seal, Kisui began concentrating to create the exit void. Upon exit, the technique almost worked, but the seals cancelled each other out, preventing the Fire Seal from activating properly. It activated, but the effects were drowned out by the formula.

    The spirit recommended placing the seal very close to the formula where they almost touch. That way, the formula wouldn't cancel out the seal, or worse, vice versa. Placing the Fire Seal extremely close to the formula, just millimeters away from each other, Kisui attempted the technique again. When he entered the void, he formed the hand seal required to activate the Fire Seal and began concentrating on creating the exit void. Upon exiting, the plan worked out perfectly; The Fire Seal went off, dispersing flames within the radius. And since the formula and seal were so close to each other, Kisui was still within the safety zone of the seal's 360 degree radius.

    A year had past and Kisui finally mastered formula and seal combination. Now, he figured it was time for something new; He wanted to see if he could use his Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint to create a barrier or structure upon exiting the void. Going through the usual, Kisui entered the void. While in the void, he imagined something simple; A small barrier that would surround him when he exited the void. Upon exiting, the barrier activated, but only after a few seconds of exiting the void. Kisui knew this wouldn't be enough. He wanted the barrier to activate the moment he left the void. The spirit had another idea; Imagine the barrier, and then create it the moment Kisui left the void. Kisui knew his would require some timing, but he knew the exit by heart. Imagining the barrier again, Kisui exited the void and the barrier activated sooner than the first time, but still two seconds too late for him. After resting up for the night, Kisui began training once again the next morning. Entering the void, Kisui imagined the barrier again, but this time began creating it just a little bit sooner of leaving the void than just after leaving it, figuring it would reduce the lag time. Upon exiting the void, the barrier activated around him almost a half second later. Kisui figured this was just long enough and began with other ideas.

    Over the course of a few years, Kisui continued experimenting, creating all different types of barriers and structures large and small that he learned over time, all of them taking life the moment he left the void. Kisui felt like he had done enough, and that the only thing he could do now is just get better with time, hoping that maybe as he keeps training with it, he'll be able to do all sorts of incredible feats with the Flying Thunder God technique.

    How will they make it unique?

    One of Kisui's favorite things is to take a technique and make it his own. In the aspect of the Flying Thunder God technique, Kisui places several seals close to the formula, some of them overlapping with other seals, before a battle. By creating a numerical pattern with the formula, Kisui can use each one in numerical succession or in an entirely random succession, depending on whichever he needs to do. The overlapping seals can range from explosive seals to specially crafted trap seals, even elemental seals. Once in contact with the formula, the overlapping seals activate, sending out whatever the seal was created for in a three hundred sixty degree radius around Kisui. These seals can either inflict elemental damage, cause explosions, or even trap those unlucky enough to be within the seal's radius. Another of Kisui's favorite things to do with the technique is combine it with Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint to create a defensive or offensive structure around him for extra lethality against his opponents. Kisui can also utilize it for support purposes, using it to teleport his allies to safety by adding the formula on them before battle.

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  • 1:What Genetic DNA you plan on transplanting to your character?:

    Jugo Clan DNA

    2:Why are you giving them this transplant? How will they obtain it?: I am giving this to Ginjo Soga so he can have some help against Sigma Uchiha in our rp. I also want to give him Jugo's Clan DNA because later on after a few more rp's, I want him to gain control of Jugo's Clan DNA and their ability to gather natural energy. This will also add on to Ginjo's background and character progression. Ginjo obtained Jugo's Clan DNA before the start of the Third Great Ninja War. With Iwagakure participating in this war, they needed more power to go up against Konohagakure and other villages or they would be dominated. So they decided to set up some experiments with Jugo's Clan. They heard about their power and capabilities, and it hooked them, so Iwa sent out a unit of ninja to capture about 5 of the clan members so they could conduct experiments. When they got back to Iwa, the unit the village sent out captured the 5 clan members, but only 1/4 of the unit returned. This made Iwa's interest in the clan go up, so the put a lot of manpower into conducting experiments with their DNA. After obtaining a so called "Safe Outcome", they decided to transplant the DNA to a few ninja that they felt had the requirements to hold the DNA. Ginjo was one of them, with his high levels of chakra and his overall exceptional physical prowess, he was the one that the village knew his body would accept the DNA and not have any horrible reaction. So before transplanting it to Ginjo, they did it to the other experiments and they all were killed within the first 3 minutes of transplanting. But with Ginjo, he withstood those first 3 minutes and kept going for a while, nothing happened, so they put more into him, and more until the DNA started to effect Ginjo. Ginjo went on a rampaged and killed all the scientist and medics that were experimenting on him, when the village found out what happened, they went to the lab to find Ginjo just fine, sitting in the middle of the floor with blood and dead bodies everywhere. A few days later, the village wanted to see if he could do what he did in the lab again, but he couldn't. So they ruled him as a failed experiment and decided that the thing that happened in the lab was an accident. When the war started, Ginjo was put in the front lines, while there he was stabbed in the chest and almost bled out until his rampage went on again. He ended up saving the unit he was in, and Iwa took a look into what happened.(Look at weakness to continue with the story)

    3:Briefly summarize their capabilities and abilities using the transplant. Use as much detail as possible in this process:

    Since Iwa transplanted so much DNA into Ginjo, when he goes into his rampages he is capable of using all of Jugo's clan techniques. He was able to do this after the first impulse because Iwa knew that Jugo's clan impulses messed up their mind. So Iwa did a little bit of brain experiments and the techniques came with the experiments.

    4. What are its weakness? Briefly summarize each below: Ginjo's weakness to the transplant is that he can only go on a rampage when he is at the brink of death. After saving his unit in the war, Iwa looked back on what happened in the lab, what they found out was that after pumping him with so much unstable alien DNA, his body didn't react to it well, it was too much. So his body in its natural response protected the heart, giving it all of the resources just about, neglecting the other parts of his body. That is what made him get to near death then, which is why he went on a rampage.

    5. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if the transplant is approved? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

    My plans are so far is to just rp with him more and more, so he can gain control over the rampages. Then when he gains control over his rampages and is able to control how much natural energy he takes in, I will apply for Sage Mode if needed. Ginjo would use the DNA and the Rampages when they occur with his Earth Release techniques, mainly in close combat situations. Also I may do something with the Byakugan and his Rampages to combine and make something, but that will be later on.

    So yea..--ISavage (talk) 06:46, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Ok, I got it now.....

      1:What Genetic DNA you plan on transplanting to your character?:

      Jugo Clan DNA

      2:Why are you giving them this transplant? How will they obtain it?:

      I ported Ginjo from my other naruto fanon I was on and he had different components and things to him there. So here, I find that there are more opportunities to better him, so therefor I am reworking a bit of his background to fit the ideas I have been having pertaining to this character. This is the reason why I am giving him this transplant.

      During the time around when Iwa was using the Akatsuki, Orochimaru was still in it. He and the rest of the Akatsuki aided Iwa and other villages of course when they needed them. So when Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, that is when he started to experiment like crazy with stuff, especially stuff pertaining to Jugo's Clan DNA. When he needed test subjects, he went to Iwa, and other villages to get them. Since he was a former Akatsuki member and did favors when theses villages needed the Akatsuki, they gave him some of their ninja. It was basically their way of returning the favor; and in that group of ninja that Iwa sent off to be rats for Orochimaru's experiments was Ginjo Soga. In the background of Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai, it states that when Jugo went to Orochimaru to be experimented on, Orochimaru experimented on his body fluids creating an Enzyme that could trigger similar changes in other, suitable hosts, through cursed seals. But, before even inputting that enzyme he created into a cursed seal, he had to make sure that the enzyme would be compatible with humans. So therefor, he inserted the enzyme he created into some of the test subjects he had collected from the villages, and Ginjo was one of the ones that he inserted the Enzyme into. Quite a few test subjects died, but the few that survived he determined that it would be okay to take the enzyme he created and put it into the form of a cursed seal. He didn't do this to the ones that he previously put the enzyme into at first, because they would die and he wanted to keep them in case of a new experiment he wanted to do since their bodies were compatible with that enzyme he created. So he put them in cells and continued on with his experiments, at that time, Ginjo was with Orochimaru for about a year, Orochimaru did other experiments on him, but not anything as serious as Jugo's Clan DNA transplants. He did other minor things; then Konoha discovered the place that Orochimaru was conducting the experiments with Ginjo and a few other test subjects, so the released them. Of course, Konoha interrogated Ginjo and the other test subjects, and they gave Konoha a little bit of info, and soon after they let him go.

      In Ginjo's and the other test subject's body, when Orochimaru implanted the enzyme, it cause a biochemical reaction and thus their bodies became compatible with the Jugo's Clan DNA. But the thing is, the only way Jugo's Clan DNA would activate is when the person was on the brink of death, and not only that, it wasn't the fullest potential as it was with Jugo's Clan or people Cursed Seal. Then around the time Sasuke killed Orochimaru and Kabuto started to experiment on himself, but to not kill himself while trying to test on himself, he gather former human test experiments and used them to test things. Again, Ginjo found himself as one of the test experiments, but he wanted to go because at the time when Kabuto found him, he had just went through a tragic moment in his life. People he loved dearly were killed and he couldn't protect them, so therefor he had a thirst for power. When Orochimaru was doing his experiments on Ginjo and other test subjects, he kept their records and notable things that happened in those experiments. Out of the few test experiments, Ginjo's body was the most compatible for Jugo's Clan DNA. When finding out this, Kabuto inserted some more of Jugo's Clan DNA into Ginjo and kept him for a few months. His body accepted the genes of Jugo's Clan, so Kabuto inserted himself with Jugo's Clan DNA. Although his body was not like Ginjo's, since he had all those other biological material of the subjects of many of Orochimaru's experiments, it balanced out Jugo's Clan DNA. After that, Kabuto let Ginjo go and to test out his power he killed the other test experiments he had. He let Ginjo go because one he was the only one that wanted to come and get tested on, so he felt that he earned a ticket out of the lab.

      3:Briefly summarize their capabilities and abilities using the transplant. Use as much detail as possible in this process:

      He would be able to use all of the technique that an original clan member of Jugo's Clan DNA would be able to use. Since he hasn't master it to an extent like Jugo or other clan members can, Ginjo can't partially transform. When he does transform its still not his whole body, yet he still loses his mind. Still he can only transform when he is almost dead, but in addition after being inserted with more DNA, when he is almost out of chakra he transforms, and it gives him a momentary boost in chakra.

      4. What are its weakness? Briefly summarize each below:

      A weakness to this is that after exiting out of his transformation, he passes out completely and won't wake back up until a few hours later. Not only that, it puts a strain on his body, after he wakes up, his joints become stiff and he can't hardly move. Another weakness is that when he does looses his mind, he attacks any and everyone unlike Jugo when it seems whoever he is attacking or is being attacked by he targets them. But a simple tree can be the target of Ginjo's rage when he loses his mind.

      5. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if the transplant is approved? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

      As I said in my previous application, my plan is to rp with him more and more so that he can gain control over his transformations and gather natural energy on his own will. As he rp's more, he will gradually gain control of Jugo's Clan DNA. Also I plan on making a group with Ginjo and a few of my other characters, but I want to get Ginjo situated first then move on to the next. Then I will establish a village with that group of people. When he gains control gradually, I want to make technique using his transformations mainly pertaining to earth release.

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    • Support

      Your application has been approved!

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  • 2. The technique is for the members of Takikage's Bodygaurds (be sure to see the trivia).

    3.They men of this group will learn it from the Takikage; Shingi. Shingi is a shinobi, previously from Konohagakure, who himself, was apart of the Hokage Gaurd Platton. Coming along to Taki, Shingi would be later elected the leader, otherwise known as the Takikage. While Taikikage, Shingi would begin to grab men, who would serve as his bodygaurds. Like his previous village, Shingi too, would find that the FTG would be a unique way to move villagers away from the village during attacks. Saying so, Shingi would go on to teach the three men the technique. It took a long time, to get the three to learn the technique, though over time, they essentially would be able to use the technique.

    4.They use isn't technically unique, other than being able to transport the people in and out of the village during hard times. I would also like for them to use the technique as a mean to transport items etc. Like Shingi, the three men would too, use matrix barriers to get around etc.

    5.This is just additional. The technique is for FFO if needed.

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  • 1. Please indicate the Dōjutsu or genetic DNA you are intending to transplant to your character.:


    2. Why are you giving them this transplant? How will they obtain it?:

    I’m giving Rakan Hibon the Byakugan to expand his abilities farther than I can now. Though another reason is so I can have a wider range for options to do in a battle and the title as a Tokubetsu Jonin because it would help me make him an ‘all around’ ninja. But it would also let me explain why his Right Eye is always closed as I want it to have a special weakness.

    You see, Rakan is 130 years old and participated in all four wars. This means he could possibly of gotten the Byakugan at anytime within the four wars. But he would of obtain it during the Third War. Throughout history, he has been the assistant for all the Kazekage’s and gained each of their trust through one way or another. The third had seen Rakan as a bit of a brother as Rakan was much older than the Third and had grew a type of bond between him and Rakan. So as he didn’t want Rakan to be easily hurt and wanted him to be more prepared for most things he had given Rakan the opportunity to possess more power to protect Suna and as his Will was strong he accepted without thinking. During the fighting, the Third had somehow obtain a Byakugan from a Hyuga which isn’t that hard to believe as Konoha and Suna went up against one another so killing a main branch family member with the Byakugan wouldn’t be that rare. Though sadly only one eye could be retrieved as Suna’s tactics were to damage the eyes first to hinder their abilities. So what had happen was that some of the top medics in Sunagakure had examined the eye and Rakan’s eye as well as they found a way where they could do a successful transplant and have the Byakugan work at top performance.

    3. Briefly summarize their capabilities and abilities using the transplant. Use as much detail as possible in this process.:

    As the Byakugan does, Rakan would be able to see his opponents chakra network and their chakra points but he wouldn’t be able to do anything with those. The transplant was actually set up so the one eye can see a 180 degree view at first. Though eventually they would have collected another eye but it was a right one again so what they had done was combine the two so he has a bigger vision area. It wouldn’t be a full 360 but will cover his right side and his back fully. Though his Left side isn’t covered.

    4. What are its weakness? Briefly summarize each below.:

    Rakan doesn’t have the full 360 degree vision. He has to have his Byakugan activated at all times if its open. When his eye is closed he can deactivate it to conserve chakra but when its open it instantly activates. Though he can activate it while his eye is closed, but at the same time can deactivate it. The chakra usage is also a bit more because of the mutation they had done to it to have it try and reanimate it having two eyes instead of one but had failed which had also cost a bit of chakra usage which is comparable to Kakashi and his Sharingan. Another weakness if mostly for his Eight Gates; he can’t use the Byakugan when using the Second Gate or above.

    5. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if the transplant is approved? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

    My plans for him is to have a way to cover his blind side as his right eye at the moment is pretty much blind. But if it does get accepted I will make the necessary changes so his background fits. It will also help me fill his Third War section with him obtaining the Byakugan. As I said before, Rakan will use it to cover his blind side but to also help and track down his targets which would make sense since he is assigned to control a small squad for ambushes and assassinations which the Byakugan would greatly help him. He’d use it when using his swords, having that vision around his body would help him greatly to counter attacks with his swords and deal devastating blows to his opponents. But when using Nin or Taijutsu he can also use the Byakugan to cover his blind side and still track down his opponent allowing for battle advantages.

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  • I'm not sure if you do tool apps, but Kay said to go to you or Kaiser. Since your tech questions could work for the tools, I'm making the app here. Tool is named in app name.

    2. Musaboru

    3. How will they acquire this tool?

    Note, I am applying for Fanon Canon use of the Seven Star Sword.

    After the Fourth War, Darui did have possession of some tools. The Sword included. He would've kept good care of the sword and the tools in his possession. But in the wake of a civil war, things were lost. Attacks were made, and Darui lost the tools, at least the sword. As it is the focus for this application. Since this is for fanon canon use, I did ask Serk if this was possible, as he control's Kumogakure now. He allowed it.

    With the sword lost, it would've easily made its way to the Lightning's Black Market. No one would've exactly known what it was, but it would've been in high demand because it is a tool that a Kage held. Something he won in a war against the infamous Gold and Silver brothers is bound to be of highest demand. Musaboru, travelling the world and in the Lightning would've instantly headed for the Black Market (as he was following the market), in pursuit of potential famous tools he could use to further his vendetta. Hearing about this tool for sale, he'd instantly try to buy it, but to no avail. More money than he even had. But being allies with the Seven Deadly Sins, his group, he did have a partner, Greed, who he would summon, and would buy the sword into their possession, using her master financial skills.

    With this tool in his possession, he would keep it close, it being valuable, for its true worth as a Kage's weapon. Later he'd find out what the tool actually was, seeing as he would be researching all tools of legend, including the Seven Star Sword.

    4. How will they make it unique?

    As Musaboru does not have the rope that reveals the word soul yet, the sword cannot do what it was made to do. As such, since he isn't using the swords ability, it would not require a great chakra cost to wield (for that I asked users on chat with, including Green, Dal and Six). Musaboru would use it as a meelee weapon, literally a sword to bash heads with. Or to channel chakra with. It should be noted, if Musaboru does acquire the rope, and uses the sword to seal word souls then, the sword will have a great chakra cost. But until then, and when he gets the gourd, he most likely won't be sealing word souls, as he has no way to without the rope. He will utilize the sword as a true ninja weapon.

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  • 2. Enen

    3. How will they learn this technique?

    Enen, is friends with Rakan. Semi-immortals, they have developed mutual respect towards each other, and push each other to their limits. They battle from time to time, to prove this very thing. After one of these battles, in order to help his friend improve her taijutsu skills, Rakan would teach Enen Eight Gates. At least, it's basic mechanics. And with all the time in the world, bc she is immortal, she could've mastered it within thirty years or so. Rakan would push her during training battles, and within those battles she would be able to plus more and more chakra through her body, until she was eventually able to open the gates. This would be harder, having black threads for body composition, which is why it took thirty years of her life.

    4. How will they make it unique?

    As this is a combo between EGF and Eight Gates, I think it'd be very unique indeed. It'd allow for her to use techs like Daytime Tiger, and Morning Peacock. While she can do it herself, she'd most likely use it through thread bodies, though it'd be on a weaker scale, as in weaker to a Eight Gates master. Plus, if she uses the Eighth Gate, she'd lose a heart herself, if she'd didn't split them into thread bodies.

    By using EGF, she can create thread bodies with varying organs, or makeshift constructs in the body for Eight Gates. With the chakra in them, they'd be able to use Eight Gates, but just for the organs or constructs in them. Like a thread body with a brain and heart, could only do the first two gates, and the last one. One with a stomach could use Morning Peacock/Daytime Tiger & Morning Peacock and the Sixth/Seventh gate. Or one with a makeshift spinal cord, only the fourth and the eighth and its powers, etc.

    When a thread body uses the Eighth gate, it can only punch/attack once, before dying. This would only create one air cannon, but would be a mini-Evening Elephant. In order to use the whole thing, Enen must use all her hearts. Either through thread bodies or herself, completing Evening Elephant would result in death for her, as each strike would destroy a heart of hers.

    Enen would usually use the Eighth Gate as a means for survival, sacrificing one heart against an opponent to maybe get away or so.

    She can also use Eight Gates to work with her thread bodies. She could make one thread body with a brain and heart, that'd help her double team an opponent (they'd be both in the 1st and second gates, etc). She could also use her threads shape transformation with her Eight Gates as well.

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    • Could it at least be Evening Elephant and Daytime Tiger? As they are fast punches. And I will think of something else original for the gates if you want.

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    • I see, alright.


      Your application has been approved!

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  • 2. Who is the user of this technique?

    Isao Moto (Lit. Honorable Root or Origin) 3. How will they learn this technique?

    First off, I know this one seems like a massive stretch, but bear with me on this one.

    Starting with the Byakugan, which I am fully willing to part with in order to get the other two sections. Isao was present throughout the 4th shinobi war, however he was not involved directly, as he and a number of other young samurai were present collecting the wounded and the deceased. He had a slightly different goal however. While not directly apprenticed to Mifune, he was the apprentice of one of his eldest, and most unscrupulous, students. His mission was to collect valuable materials and objects from the deceased. This could range from scrolls and summoning contracts to things such as Kekkei Genkais or unique weapons. One of the people he came across was a slowly dying member of the Main branch of the Hyuuga family. The man was beyond healing, as one of his eyes was gone with a kunai still in the slot. But his other eye was completely intact. Knowing what his master would have expected of him, Isao removed his left eye, cut the section of his face over it with his bladed, and then hyuuga's remaining eye before stuffing his eye in the slot. After the eye was safely retrieved and stored, he let the hyuuga expire before carrying the body back to the medical corp. Once there he explained to the medic from Iwagakure that he and a teammate had been ambushed while trying to bring back the deceased and he had lost his eye in the process. His now dying friend had given him his eye, which he gave to the medic. The medic, not knowing what a Byakugan looked like, transplanted the eye into his socket, as there was no way he would get the eye back to the land of iron normally. This left him with one normal eye and one byakugan that he carefully sealed with an eyepatch that would stop it from drawing chakra when he didn't need it on. His master was disappointed that he was unable to bring back the eye on its own, but fully understood that he probably would have been caught if he hadn't.

    Next up is the techniques. After the war, Tsunade retired after allowing Naruto to take the Kageship. However after the ceremony where she relinquished the title of Hokage, a messenger met her. He was from the samurai in the Land of Iron. They asked her if she would travel to the land of iron to teach them medical ninjutsu as well as to help heal those samurai who had yet to recover as well as teach them how to better counter stronger ninja. Tsunade, not willing to waste her last few years after wallowing for decades in self pity, agreed. She travelled to the Land of Iron and quickly got to work. Isao was one of those she looked at. She recognized the byakugan, and asked Mifune about him, He told her the story of how he got that eye as he had found out about his former student's dealings and that he had taken him upon himself to train the boy. Mifune asked her to help him gain strength in a way that would not be a shortcut like his eye he had gained without any real effort would be. He explained that as a student he trained for hours upon hours each day, all so he could be a great samurai like his late parents were. Tsunade watched him the next day as her medical class was practicing their newfound mystical palm technique. She was reminded of a certain other hard headed young man whose life she had changed, Rock Lee.

    I would say that it is highly likely the sanin knew how to open at least the first gate. Especially tsunade who has masterful knowledge of the entire human body.

    The next day she agreed to help teach the boy. Under her tutelage he learned the mystical palm and various other medical ninjutsus, culminating with him storing chakra for several years to acquire the yin seal and learning her regeneration techniques. However the stipulation that he must never use those techniques unless his comrade's lives depended on it was placed on the usage of creation rebirth and the strength of a hundred seal. The seal was designed to be his ultimate shield in protecting his comrades in honor of the hundreds if not thousands of samurai who had lost their lives during the 4th war. In addition she also taught him how to open the first two gates properly after he managed to accidently open one when he almost fell off the mountain during one particularly intensive training exercise. This move also carried the stipulation that it must only be used when one absolutely had to be destroyed in order to save the world. This was in honor of all the ninja who gave their lives along side of them. His life wasn't worth any less as she had seen thousands of ninja and samurai die too young during the 4th war.

    After all of Tsunade's regeneration took its toll and she passed away, Isao spent the next decade learning how to open 5 more of the gates, leaving the total number of gates he could open at 7. During this same period, the Oda Genji split off and took most of the samurai with it. Upon Mifune's request Isao stayed in the force of samurai that was still members of the Land of Iron. The members who had stayed left 3 wolf mountain except for the few who were left behind to maintain an "official" presence there and moved into the capital of the Iron. After another 10 years of training, Isao managed to learn to open the 8th gate as well as trained his body to the point where the lesser gates didn't affect him as much.

    While Isao was at the age of 33, 23 years after the end of the 4th Shinobi World War, the current leader of the remaining Land of Iron Samurai's health was failing. He was well into his 60s and didn't have much longer. He held trials to determine the strongest samurai to replace him. After defeating 127 different contestants during the course of the trials Isao won. He had achieved this feat in a baffling way. During the entirety of the fight he had not once drawn his blade, fighting numerous skilled opponents with nothing but his bare hands. Even with such a massive handicap, he had only once been forced to use even the first gate, and even that was only during the final match against the strongest competitor besides himself. Despite his self imposed handicap Isao ended up becoming the next leader of the Iron Samurai, a position he has held for the last 7 years...

    4. How will they make it unique?

    My character's usage of the 8 gates is honestly pretty different from usual 8 gates fighting. His usage is not based on the strong fist but is more focused on using what is essentially a smaller version of the daytime tiger. His normal punches and strikes are air cannons, albeit not with anywhere near the destructive power of the daytime tiger. That being said while he can use all of the normal canon 8 gates techniques, he has developed his own set of techniques that use it. These techniques are based more on slashing and piercing hits rather the blunt ones that you see in canon or in most fanon characters. In addition, due to his mastery of the 8 gates, he has managed to lower the gate requirements to use certain techniques. Evening elephant would be available at the 7th gate, Daytime tiger at the 5th gate, Morning Peacock at the 3rd gate. Reverse lotus at the 1st gate, and the base lotus would not require the 8 gates to use.

    This removes significant restraints on the 8 gates, however I am of the opinion that if might guy had be given more time or we had seen rock lee at the same age they would have managed to do the same thing. That being said he still deals with all of the pain of the 8 gates. Due to all the stress and extreme chakra movement the 8 gates causes, if Isao even attempts to release more than 5 gates his body forces his yin seal open and his body goes into the strength of the hundred technique, which shortens his lifespan while it heals the damage. His strength of the hundred technique is also inferior to tsunades in the fact it does not heal anywhere near as fast. It is barely able to keep up with the damage of the 6th gate and can not heal fast enough to stop the buildup of damage from the 7th gate. This also means that fatal wounds tend to be fatal with him, especially if his heart or brain is hit. If he uses the 8th gate he will also die no matter what, though due to his strength in using the 8 gates it is almost certain his opponent will as well.

    They are essentially his strongest weapon for keeping peace in the Land of Iron.

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    • clarifications as it is a long app.

      He will die if he opens all eight gates.

      His creation rebirth/Strength of a hundred essentially only allows him to lengthen the time he is in the 6th or 7th gate mode as well as heal non-mortal wounds. This means wounds that you could potentially survive he can heal through.

      He can use up to five gates without significant drawbacks like rock lee and might guy can do in shippuden. If he goes farther he can heal through the damage of the 6th gate but the 7th gate overwhelms his strength of a hundred technique.

      His byakugan has a max range of 50 meters and his entire right back side is still a blind spot to the eye.

      He can use the canon 8 gates techniques at a lower gate release, which if given time rock lee should also potentially be able to do considering how quickly he advanced in the use of the 8 gates. Elephant - 7 gates, tiger - 5 gates, Peacock 3 gates, reverse lotus 1 gate. normal lotus requires no gates.

      He is capable of using air cannon punches with no gates release however they are not anywhere near as powerful as the daytime tiger. at best they might crack rock at a distance of 10 meters. daytime tiger can screw up madara's susanoo.

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    • Byakugan:


      Your application has been denied!

      While not awful, it felt a bit tagged on and out of place.


      Your application has been approved!

      You presented a good story and significant drawbacks. Rather than willy-nilly, you were able to thread them together for a multiuse, rahter than have them seperate and worthless. Kinda like after Naruto got Nine Tails Chakra Mode and it began the debate on if NTCM or Sage Mode was better, because they were two seperate power ups, prior to his recent melding of them.
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    • yeah, I just added it so i didn't have to do another app. but i am fine with just 8 gates.

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