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  • I plan on reviving Taiga and I am in the midst of filling out the app. Would you still like Yoshi or Yorinori to be his father or no? Also, if you do, I would like to collaborate a timeline that would work out for the both of us.

    Also, do you think that you could delete Taiga Kamishiō, Inobox:Taiga Kamishiō and Taiga Kamishiō/Image Gallery please?

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    • Kiri did make them, yes. He has one more on the way actually. :p As for his family, I just lost interest in the idea. Taifuu and... I honestly forgot her name, his daughter, just become like cling-ons. Yazuki is still around, I may fix her up and make her article better later, but I may just work on Shiranui or a new Kaguya all together. He is still the descendant of Madara, its just not listed, kind of like how Shisui is a descendant of Kagami, but no specific relationship means that putting it in the infobox is not worthwhile.

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    • I thought as much; Kiri is just awesome like that. :D

      I did like the idea of characters having both the Sharingan and the Shikotsumyaku. -Locks on with Sharingan- DIGITAL the head... :P

      Seriously though, if you want, you could make Yazuki a Setsuro if you would like. I am looking for more clan members and I was actually going to put out a post looking for more.

      Yoshi is looking good but he seems like he really close to Madara in terms of powers and such. Not saying it is a bad thing, though. :P

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  • 1. Please indicate which canon character you intend to create.

    I intend to create C (シー, Shī; Viz "Shee", English TV "Cee")

    2. Briefly detail why you wish to be given permission to utilize this character.

    C. A unique Kumogakure shinobi in my opinion. Skilled in chakra control, he was a master of genjutsu, seamless overlaying one with another. he was also skilled in sensory, and medical ninjutsu. An interesting shinobi at the very least. This is why I wish to control him in the fanon canon. To give him a proper background, set of abilities, etc. Also to give one of my favorite characters a proper future, and eventually death in the timeline. I wish to give him a interesting legacy as well. Note C will already be dead at the start of fanon canon 30 years later.

    3. Will this character have any familial, mentor, or other cross-series relation with a fanon character, either of yours, or someone else? If not, simply put "No". If yes, then please detail that relation and how it comes about.

    Yes. Kei Yotsuki will be his son in the fanon canon. Serving as the legacy of the loyal shinobi C. I also may or may not make C's wife, but she will also be dead by fanon canon start.

    4. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if he/she is approved. What you do with them? How will you improve or utilize them in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of other canon characters or maybe even other fanon characters?

    I wish to detail C and actually build on him as a character. Explain how his loyalty and sense of duty came about. (Which I plan to have occur from the death of C's father, kind of a Sakumo influencing Kakashi sort of thing). I plan to expand on his genjutsu & lightning prowess, as well as his skilled sensory perception. I also plan to show how he was a skilled medic. I also plan for him to help his own son in many ways (and develop a sound relationship between the two), and eventually die as a hero of war in Kumo's Civil War, protecting his son at the end. Becoming a hero of two wars.

    I want to form a proper C, to be accepted as fanon canon.

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  • 1. Which character are you applying for?

    Sasuke Uchiha (うちはサスケ)

    2. Briefly detail why you wish to be given permission to utilize this character/What is your purpose for applying for this character?

    I believe to give Sasuke Uchiha the fitting send off that he needs for the Fanon Canon, rather then seeing his role tarnished. I believe that as the rest of the heroes in the Fanon Canon, Sasuke Uchiha played a valuable role in changing the world and that he needs to be honored in that regard. If applied for, I will ensure that he is given the recognition that someone of his position deserves, and to make way as a symbol; that redemption from hate, from the Curse of Hatred, was possible, and that one is stronger without it.

    My policy regarding fanon canon characters is to give a proper send off that creates ripples in the story line, that make it interesting, that make it more vibrant. And I believe I can do this with Sasuke Uchiha.

    3. Will this character have any familial, mentor, or other cross-series relation with a fanon character, either of yours, or someone else? If not, simply put "No". If yes, then please detail that relation and how it comes about.


    4. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if he/she is approved. What you do with them? How will you improve or utilize them in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of other canon characters or maybe even other fanon characters?

    Presently, the motif for applying for canon characters is to obtain canon techniques, or to utilize them for fanon characters or territories. For me, I don't want any of this. If I am successful in this application, I will ensure that Sasuke Uchiha is given a place in the history of Konoha, and recognized as a hero for his final acts of martrydom and courage. To be a vigil, a symbol of redemption in his last hours. That no one is beyond hope; even the most fallen. It will bolster the Will of Fire, just as Naruto did, and give the future generations a figure to aspire to, looking back.

    My goal is to make him a symbol for the Fanon Canon and Konohagakure. I have hopes to immortalize this, to make it apart of the world we are creating. I think it offers a realism to it.


    Due to the chapter ending in the Fanon Canon taking place at 646, I shall be making it so that Sasuke Uchiha's life subsided during this event, falling as a hero for the village. In the final confrontation, Sasuke, Naruto, and the Allied Shinobi forces, utilized all their might to defeat Obito, the Shinju, and Madara. In the final battle, Sasuke revealed his own Rinnegan, a combined feat of prowess, and the realization of his spiritual self thanks in part from the words from Itachi, the Hokage, and finally taking hold of his own destiny, to find it.

    The battle revealed a swath of unparalleled destruction and prowess on both sides. Sasuke with a realized Rinnegan displayed feats he never had with hate. The elements on his finger tips, imbued with the spirit of the Six Sage, him and Naruto struck down at Obito and Madara with the full might of the spirit and body of the Will of Fire.

    It was in this fight that Madara took a heinous attack towards Sasuke, slicing across his vision with a chakra receiver, gouging the eyes out and sealing away their chakra stored in his eyes forever more. A moment of hatred, vowing that if Sasuke's eyes could not be his; that if he could not sacrifice his Rinnegan for the greater good, then he would not see the fate of the world to come. Within this same series of strikes, Madara consummated his sinister vow, bringing Sasuke to a near death state from which he could not be healed from, the exhaustion from the forces being all too much, combined with the efforts that the opposition was offering.

    By the time Sasuke could be treated, he was already dead.

    In this death, Naruto vowed to not let his best friend's fall be forgotten. Konoha remember the Uchiha for who their heroes were, and not for the Curse of Hatred. To touch on his sacrifice, a memorial for his fallen was made in the sector of the Uchiha part of Konoha.


    On this note, I do not want to go into detail with the final fight that occured in canon, before it broke into Fanon Canon, because I'd rather have room for breathing for other users to utilize in their own mechanisms.

    As for Sasuke's body, it would have been cremated and the ashes location only known to Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi, as of which, has died of late. The eyes, his Sharingan turned Rinnegan, would have been completely destroyed in the final fight in his engagement with Madara.


    I want Sasuke to embody what the Will of Fire was in his final act in life, and in death, to aspire those in the village. To become a symbol of hope, of redemption, and of the pride that the Leaf has. To break the cycle. His eyes were also destroyed, his body cremated, and ashes hidden.

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  • Questions Edit

    1. Please indicate which canon character you intend to create.

    I intend to create Sasuke Uchiha

    2. Briefly detail why you wish to be given permission to utilize this character.

    I wish to use Sasuke in the fanon canon as I own Konoha. I decided not to kill him off and to actually grant him an efficient role in Konoha. I think that it would make Konoha much better if it had Sasuke on its side and it would be more realistic since there is not reason for him to be dead. Also some of the old generation like Ino Yamanaka is participating in the FC so we need explanation for the absence of a major character like Sasuke who affected much in the series. I decided not to kill him off and that's why I wish to recreate my own FC version of him.

    3. Will this character have any familial, mentor, or other cross-series relation with a fanon character, either of yours, or someone else? If not, simply put "No". If yes, then please detail that relation and how it comes about.


    4. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if he/she is approved. What you do with them? How will you improve or utilize them in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of other canon characters or maybe even other fanon characters?

    If my application earns approval I will assure that Sasuke gets an vital role in Konoha in FC. I'm aiming to grant Sasuke the position of Hokage. As Konoha is my property in FC, I'm authorized to do so. I believe that Sasuke Uchiha is the perfect shinobi for the role of Hokage thanks to his exceptional contribution in the series where he plays a main role in it. Sasuke would earn the title of Hokage after Naruto's deceasing. He would be chosen for his great power and superb abilities making him the right man for the job. Adjoining to his exquisite abilities, Sasuke helped Naruto in protecting Konoha and he is trustworthy making him even more suitable for the job. He was Naruto's best friend and he should follow him in leading Konoha to further glory. He would be chosen by the people of Konoha by virtue of their trust towards him as a man who known their prior Hokage very well.

    Sasuke is a genius, he showed that many times in the series, as a Genin, he was able to stand against a Sennin like Orochimaru in the forest of death. Subsequently, he followed his magnificent attainments with even greater ones as he learned the Chidori. The pont is, Sasuke was gifted since his childhood. He progressed so fast during that time as was shown in the next season, he was able to outsmart Deidara, the Akatsuki man who managed to outmatch the Kazekage himself. The aforementioned achievements were accomplished in the matter of several years. Meaning that in thirty years he would augment his abilities colossally granting him far greater abilities than the ones he had during that time. I will focus on expanding Sasuke's lightning release, potentially making him a master of lightning by expanding on the jutsu he already has and possibly adding some more, but nothing drastic. He will still possess fire release. however, his use of lightning will be greater and more frequent than that of fire.

    Sasuke has to be influenced by his brother Itachi. I foresee Sasuke acquiring highly developed Genjutsu skills. He must be inspired by his brother who formed a great part of his life as he died protecting him. Itachi loved Sasuke more than anyone and Sasuke in the end, returned those feelings to his brother. He would most likely evolve his Genjutsu prowess greatly. He will possess the ability to create Genjutsu by other methods than Sharingan and these method rely o the five senses. Using mediums in order to create his illusions. He will attain crows as summonings that symbolize his brother and remind him of Itachi. Sasuke will then adopt the goal of Naruto and the initial goal of his brother and that is to protect Konoha. He would agree to be the Hokage and he would become a believer in the will of fire, working hard in order to lead Konoha to further glory as Naruto and Itachi wished.

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    • Oppose

      Your application has been denied!

      Sorry my friend, between your's and Dream's, Dream's seemed more fitting for Sasuke. I am not saying yours is bad in any way, but Dream's is more in character with Sasuke and fits the FC world a bit better.
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  • Who will use this technique?

    Kei Yotsuki

    How will they learn this technique?

    After reading Serk's Mamoru, I found a way to fit his learning of it into the story. As Kumo neared civil war, Yoru, Kei and Mamoru sided with Darui in the conflict. For several months, they trained in preparation for combat. Kei, an aspiring lightning master, would easily turned to Darui in order to learn the Black Lightning. In this time of turmoil, I could see Darui passing on Black Lightning to Kei so Kei could become a more active user of the lightning, which he was bound to be, than he himself was. Darui, having decided, would've taught Kei Yotsuki Black Lightning in the months that followed before the Civil War's beginning. This training would've involved meditation in order to increase spiritual energy. This spiritual energy increase would help Kei generate more yin natured chakra, in order to infuse with lightning. I think black lightning is highly infused lightning with yin chakra, giving it its black color. This allows it to be shaped and given form much easier. After a few months, Kei had built enough yin natured chakra to fully utilize the black lightning, and became Darui's successor of it, actively using it in the Civil war and years to come.

    How will they make it unique?

    Since Black Lightning, in my theory, is highly yin based, Kei will manipulate it into various forms, and constructs. (Such as the Black Panther, which Darrui taught him as well as a base point for shaping black lightning). He will also use it as a medium for genjutsu as well. As hitting the opponent with black lightning would flood them with yin chakra, that could be used to implement Genjutsu at a closer range. I think it'd make the genjutsu more effective that way as well.

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  • What technique are you applying for?

    Flying Thunder God

    Who will use this technique?

    Tomiko Uzumaki

    How will they learn this technique?

    Tomiko recreated this technique through a Flying Thunder God Kunai her mother gave to her and the Summoning Technique. Tomiko's mother obtained this kunai when her and a group a Uzumaki clan members were traveling to find a new home after the destruction of Uzushiogakure. She found this kunai wedged into a tree so she took it mainly for a bit of protection. When Tomiko's mother and the group she was with arrived to Kumo, they settled in and had Tomiko. As Tomiko's mother got older she decided that this kunai would be a symbol of her struggles in life, so she gave the kunai to Tomiko as a give that was to be treasured. At the time, Tomiko was a Genin, and had no clue what to do with the kunai, to her it was another throwing tool. But she took it with her as a reminder of her mother. As years passed on, Tomiko still didn't know the value of the Kunai and what she could do with it if she unlocked how to use the formula that was on it. When she met Aoi Uchiha and they got married, she showed this Kunai to him and he knew what it was. He told her who used it and what it could do, after telling Tomiko this, Tomiko developed the Formula Decryption Technique in order to unlock the formula used on the Kunai. When she used it on the formula she was able to see what to do but she had no idea how to teleport using the FTG. So she had to figure out how to teleport through that dimensional void that is used in FTG. She went to the village library and took Astronomy, Physics, and other books that talked about space time ninjutsu and space time travel. This lead her to having to study the Summoning Technique, it was similar in the aspect of instantly teleporting, she used her Formula Decryption Technique on the Summoning Technique, and she found which part of the formula was used to teleport animals and other summons. She made her own seal and tested the pulled formula from the Summoning technique that was used to teleport. After a few tries she succeeded, but there was a problem, unlike FTG, when she teleported she needed hand signs and a poof a smoke like the Summoning Technique was created after teleporting. She went back to the FTG and compared the decrypted formulas of the Summoning and FTG. She found a similarity in the formulas, so she pulled out the similar formula's and created a new seal. When she tried it, she achieved teleporting instantly without hand seals and a poof of smoke at the end.

    How will they make it unique?

    She will use the FTG in with her other Fuinjutsu techniques and create a Kenjutsu using the FTG. Also using FTG, instead of teleporting herself to her seal, she teleports things to her similar to the Summoning Technique, she would be able to do this because she recreated a portion FTG through summoning. She will also be able to halt the teleportation process leaving herself or what ever she would teleport in the dimensional void that is used to teleport. She will also make technique diverted from FTG that will use the dimensional void that is used to teleport.

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  • Am I required to reapply for things like Flying Thunder God Slash if I already have FTG?

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  • What technique are you after? Flying Thunder God/Hiraishin

    Who is the user of this techique? Jinsei Rao (I clearly have very few ideas for him, this is one of them)

    How will they learn this technique? Jinsei's entire motivation to become stronger is to protect his family, and went to great lengths to do so. After hearing of the Second's and the Fourth's legendary strength, he decided that, by gaining even a fraction of their strength, he would be able to protect his family. He began searching obsessively through all of Konoha's records in an attempt to find some clue on how to use the Hiraishin, going to some extreme measures, including breaking into the Hokage's private records. He, however, found no records of how to use this technique, and found himself at a dead end. He later learned that a weakened version of the technique had been learned by the Hokage's guard, and began learning the basics of the technique under them. After learning this, he began attempting to adapt this technique for single-person use, and, after several months of calculating, training and several failed attempts, he found himself capable of using the technique.

    How will they make it unique? Jinsei is a master at kenjutsu, especially using his family's unique tantou, the Half Moon Sabre, and will combine his kenjutsu and FTG for more effective combat. Not only will he use it to enhance his striking power with the Hiraishingiri a la Tobirama, he will also use it for hit-and-run tactics by attacking then teleporting, barrages by slicing, tossing the marked object, teleporting, and repeating, and attacking the foe's vital points from behind. He has also marked the hilt of his sword in order to create barriers if he is ever in need of it. He normally uses his sword as his marked objects, but will also use other humans, kunais and even the environment around him. He is capable of effortlessly marking an object just by pressing his right palm onto it. However, his versatile use of this technique has made him fragile - he so rarely takes direct hits that he has spent little time training his durability, meaning that a few direct hits could defeat him.

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  • Who is the user of this technique?

    Kisui Iyoku (Still working on him.)

    How will they learn this technique?

    Kisui's always striving to learn new techniques to keep his battle strategies fresh. A lot of the time, he relied on the ancient shinobi spirit that resided alongside his for advice. The spirit felt that Kisui's speed was somewhat lacking, and gave advice on how to improve it. Kisui never considered himself the fast type, but if it's something that would improve his skills, he'd do it. Following tips from the spirit, Kisui tried many different things to increase his speed, but nothing really worked in a way that Kisui felt were of benefit to him. The spirit, having been around since the days of the First and Second Hokage, remembered Tobirama using a technique that transpired space and time itself, a near instant teleportation technique known as the Flying Thunder God. The only two things the spirit remembered specifically about the technique was the requirement of a special formula, and that it required an immense amount of concentration to perform.

    Having spent five years of traveling had given Kisui some insight on certain things, but the Flying Thunder God technique was rather new to him, despite the technique itself being old, and would probably require more digging into in order to find the proper formula. As luck would have it, Kisui stumbled upon a formula; One left in a forest by Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, during his battle with A and B. It was placed on a kunai left hanging in a tree and was just barely legible, but the formula was there. Spending the rest of the night in an inn at Konohagakure, Kisui began deciphering the formula, figuring out the proper kanji that were used to create the formula. It was more difficult since the spirit couldn't help, primarily because even if he knew the formula from Tobirama's usage of the technique, Minato's was far different. After several hours of deciphering, Kisui finally figured out the kanji on the kunai. Having written it down on a note, he would begin training on it the next day.

    That following morning, Kisui returned to the forest where he found the kunai, figuring it would be as good a spot as any to train. The spirit advised him that intense concentration was key in utilizing the technique, and recommended trying short distances first, then increasing the distance with each successful attempt. Agreeing, Kisui placed the formula on a patch of dirt, creating a seal over the ground where he would teleport at. Starting off at ten feet, Kisui began his first attempt at the technique. Despite his concentrations, nothing was happening. At that point, Kisui realized something; If it transpires space and time, a void would have to be created. Instead of concentrating on where he should go, he learned he would have to concentrate on creating two voids; One to enter, and the other that is anchored to the seal. By this point, he learned it was going to be a lot more difficult than he realized. The spirit decided to chip in how he could, using his chakra to combine with Kisui's to give him a boost. To make things a bit more simpler, Kisui would create the first rift, then start concentrating on an anchor to the next. Having created the rift, it pulled him into a dimension between space and time, where both cease to flow. Utilizing visual memory, Kisui created the second rift, connecting it to the formula seal. The first attempt was partially successful. He managed to go through the void, but it sent him through faster than he expected, ending it in a rather painful faceplant.

    Having gotten the basics of the technique down, all that was left was to stick the landing. It took several attempts, each of them not only causing painful landings, but also taking a big hit in his and the spirit's chakra as well. Such intense amounts of concentration requires a strong flow of chakra, one that Kisui hopes will be reduced the more he uses the technique. Over the course of the next few weeks, Kisui's landing improved, but he was still using up a lot of chakra. Having felt he got the landing down, it was time to train in chakra reduction; Each time he did the technique, he would reduce the amount of chakra used and keep using it at that level until he could properly use the technique with reduced chakra. Weeks of training turned into months, but Kisui finally got it down to where he could use it without utilizing a large amount of chakra. Over this time, Kisui also began working on the distance, and after weeks of distance training, was able to teleport to it by up to a mile away

    Once that was done, Kisui felt it needed something else; Something that makes it one of a kind. Having some knowledge with other seals, he began multiple teleportation training, combined with seal overlays. By overlaying the formula with an elemental seal, Kisui figured he could do a lot of damage to those around the area of impact. By this point, Kisui added a new addition to the formula; a numerical index that numbers the seals to allow him to jump to each of them in numerical order. This would make things a bit more simpler for Kisui and to further the simplicity, he'd place different overlays on the seals to activate them in order. He started with a simple one; A Fire Release seal that dispersed fire within a 360 degree radius around the seal. By overlaying it onto the formula, Kisui jumped into the void. Forming the hand seal required to activate the seal, Kisui began concentrating to create the exit void. Upon exit, the technique almost worked, but the seals cancelled each other out, preventing the Fire Seal from activating properly. It activated, but the effects were drowned out by the formula.

    The spirit recommended placing the seal very close to the formula where they almost touch. That way, the formula wouldn't cancel out the seal, or worse, vice versa. Placing the Fire Seal extremely close to the formula, just millimeters away from each other, Kisui attempted the technique again. When he entered the void, he formed the hand seal required to activate the Fire Seal and began concentrating on creating the exit void. Upon exiting, the plan worked out perfectly; The Fire Seal went off, dispersing flames within the radius. And since the formula and seal were so close to each other, Kisui was still within the safety zone of the seal's 360 degree radius.

    A year had past and Kisui finally mastered formula and seal combination. Now, he figured it was time for something new; He wanted to see if he could use his Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint to create a barrier or structure upon exiting the void. Going through the usual, Kisui entered the void. While in the void, he imagined something simple; A small barrier that would surround him when he exited the void. Upon exiting, the barrier activated, but only after a few seconds of exiting the void. Kisui knew this wouldn't be enough. He wanted the barrier to activate the moment he left the void. The spirit had another idea; Imagine the barrier, and then create it the moment Kisui left the void. Kisui knew his would require some timing, but he knew the exit by heart. Imagining the barrier again, Kisui exited the void and the barrier activated sooner than the first time, but still two seconds too late for him. After resting up for the night, Kisui began training once again the next morning. Entering the void, Kisui imagined the barrier again, but this time began creating it just a little bit sooner of leaving the void than just after leaving it, figuring it would reduce the lag time. Upon exiting the void, the barrier activated around him almost a half second later. Kisui figured this was just long enough and began with other ideas.

    Over the course of a few years, Kisui continued experimenting, creating all different types of barriers and structures large and small that he learned over time, all of them taking life the moment he left the void. Kisui felt like he had done enough, and that the only thing he could do now is just get better with time, hoping that maybe as he keeps training with it, he'll be able to do all sorts of incredible feats with the Flying Thunder God technique.

    How will they make it unique?

    One of Kisui's favorite things is to take a technique and make it his own. In the aspect of the Flying Thunder God technique, Kisui places several seals close to the formula, some of them overlapping with other seals, before a battle. By creating a numerical pattern with the formula, Kisui can use each one in numerical succession or in an entirely random succession, depending on whichever he needs to do. The overlapping seals can range from explosive seals to specially crafted trap seals, even elemental seals. Once in contact with the formula, the overlapping seals activate, sending out whatever the seal was created for in a three hundred sixty degree radius around Kisui. These seals can either inflict elemental damage, cause explosions, or even trap those unlucky enough to be within the seal's radius. Another of Kisui's favorite things to do with the technique is combine it with Yin-Yang Release: Blueprint to create a defensive or offensive structure around him for extra lethality against his opponents. Kisui can also utilize it for support purposes, using it to teleport his allies to safety by adding the formula on them before battle.

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  • 1:What Genetic DNA you plan on transplanting to your character?:

    Jugo Clan DNA

    2:Why are you giving them this transplant? How will they obtain it?: I am giving this to Ginjo Soga so he can have some help against Sigma Uchiha in our rp. I also want to give him Jugo's Clan DNA because later on after a few more rp's, I want him to gain control of Jugo's Clan DNA and their ability to gather natural energy. This will also add on to Ginjo's background and character progression. Ginjo obtained Jugo's Clan DNA before the start of the Third Great Ninja War. With Iwagakure participating in this war, they needed more power to go up against Konohagakure and other villages or they would be dominated. So they decided to set up some experiments with Jugo's Clan. They heard about their power and capabilities, and it hooked them, so Iwa sent out a unit of ninja to capture about 5 of the clan members so they could conduct experiments. When they got back to Iwa, the unit the village sent out captured the 5 clan members, but only 1/4 of the unit returned. This made Iwa's interest in the clan go up, so the put a lot of manpower into conducting experiments with their DNA. After obtaining a so called "Safe Outcome", they decided to transplant the DNA to a few ninja that they felt had the requirements to hold the DNA. Ginjo was one of them, with his high levels of chakra and his overall exceptional physical prowess, he was the one that the village knew his body would accept the DNA and not have any horrible reaction. So before transplanting it to Ginjo, they did it to the other experiments and they all were killed within the first 3 minutes of transplanting. But with Ginjo, he withstood those first 3 minutes and kept going for a while, nothing happened, so they put more into him, and more until the DNA started to effect Ginjo. Ginjo went on a rampaged and killed all the scientist and medics that were experimenting on him, when the village found out what happened, they went to the lab to find Ginjo just fine, sitting in the middle of the floor with blood and dead bodies everywhere. A few days later, the village wanted to see if he could do what he did in the lab again, but he couldn't. So they ruled him as a failed experiment and decided that the thing that happened in the lab was an accident. When the war started, Ginjo was put in the front lines, while there he was stabbed in the chest and almost bled out until his rampage went on again. He ended up saving the unit he was in, and Iwa took a look into what happened.(Look at weakness to continue with the story)

    3:Briefly summarize their capabilities and abilities using the transplant. Use as much detail as possible in this process:

    Since Iwa transplanted so much DNA into Ginjo, when he goes into his rampages he is capable of using all of Jugo's clan techniques. He was able to do this after the first impulse because Iwa knew that Jugo's clan impulses messed up their mind. So Iwa did a little bit of brain experiments and the techniques came with the experiments.

    4. What are its weakness? Briefly summarize each below: Ginjo's weakness to the transplant is that he can only go on a rampage when he is at the brink of death. After saving his unit in the war, Iwa looked back on what happened in the lab, what they found out was that after pumping him with so much unstable alien DNA, his body didn't react to it well, it was too much. So his body in its natural response protected the heart, giving it all of the resources just about, neglecting the other parts of his body. That is what made him get to near death then, which is why he went on a rampage.

    5. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if the transplant is approved? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

    My plans are so far is to just rp with him more and more, so he can gain control over the rampages. Then when he gains control over his rampages and is able to control how much natural energy he takes in, I will apply for Sage Mode if needed. Ginjo would use the DNA and the Rampages when they occur with his Earth Release techniques, mainly in close combat situations. Also I may do something with the Byakugan and his Rampages to combine and make something, but that will be later on.

    So yea..--ISavage (talk) 06:46, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Ok, I got it now.....

      1:What Genetic DNA you plan on transplanting to your character?:

      Jugo Clan DNA

      2:Why are you giving them this transplant? How will they obtain it?:

      I ported Ginjo from my other naruto fanon I was on and he had different components and things to him there. So here, I find that there are more opportunities to better him, so therefor I am reworking a bit of his background to fit the ideas I have been having pertaining to this character. This is the reason why I am giving him this transplant.

      During the time around when Iwa was using the Akatsuki, Orochimaru was still in it. He and the rest of the Akatsuki aided Iwa and other villages of course when they needed them. So when Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, that is when he started to experiment like crazy with stuff, especially stuff pertaining to Jugo's Clan DNA. When he needed test subjects, he went to Iwa, and other villages to get them. Since he was a former Akatsuki member and did favors when theses villages needed the Akatsuki, they gave him some of their ninja. It was basically their way of returning the favor; and in that group of ninja that Iwa sent off to be rats for Orochimaru's experiments was Ginjo Soga. In the background of Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai, it states that when Jugo went to Orochimaru to be experimented on, Orochimaru experimented on his body fluids creating an Enzyme that could trigger similar changes in other, suitable hosts, through cursed seals. But, before even inputting that enzyme he created into a cursed seal, he had to make sure that the enzyme would be compatible with humans. So therefor, he inserted the enzyme he created into some of the test subjects he had collected from the villages, and Ginjo was one of the ones that he inserted the Enzyme into. Quite a few test subjects died, but the few that survived he determined that it would be okay to take the enzyme he created and put it into the form of a cursed seal. He didn't do this to the ones that he previously put the enzyme into at first, because they would die and he wanted to keep them in case of a new experiment he wanted to do since their bodies were compatible with that enzyme he created. So he put them in cells and continued on with his experiments, at that time, Ginjo was with Orochimaru for about a year, Orochimaru did other experiments on him, but not anything as serious as Jugo's Clan DNA transplants. He did other minor things; then Konoha discovered the place that Orochimaru was conducting the experiments with Ginjo and a few other test subjects, so the released them. Of course, Konoha interrogated Ginjo and the other test subjects, and they gave Konoha a little bit of info, and soon after they let him go.

      In Ginjo's and the other test subject's body, when Orochimaru implanted the enzyme, it cause a biochemical reaction and thus their bodies became compatible with the Jugo's Clan DNA. But the thing is, the only way Jugo's Clan DNA would activate is when the person was on the brink of death, and not only that, it wasn't the fullest potential as it was with Jugo's Clan or people Cursed Seal. Then around the time Sasuke killed Orochimaru and Kabuto started to experiment on himself, but to not kill himself while trying to test on himself, he gather former human test experiments and used them to test things. Again, Ginjo found himself as one of the test experiments, but he wanted to go because at the time when Kabuto found him, he had just went through a tragic moment in his life. People he loved dearly were killed and he couldn't protect them, so therefor he had a thirst for power. When Orochimaru was doing his experiments on Ginjo and other test subjects, he kept their records and notable things that happened in those experiments. Out of the few test experiments, Ginjo's body was the most compatible for Jugo's Clan DNA. When finding out this, Kabuto inserted some more of Jugo's Clan DNA into Ginjo and kept him for a few months. His body accepted the genes of Jugo's Clan, so Kabuto inserted himself with Jugo's Clan DNA. Although his body was not like Ginjo's, since he had all those other biological material of the subjects of many of Orochimaru's experiments, it balanced out Jugo's Clan DNA. After that, Kabuto let Ginjo go and to test out his power he killed the other test experiments he had. He let Ginjo go because one he was the only one that wanted to come and get tested on, so he felt that he earned a ticket out of the lab.

      3:Briefly summarize their capabilities and abilities using the transplant. Use as much detail as possible in this process:

      He would be able to use all of the technique that an original clan member of Jugo's Clan DNA would be able to use. Since he hasn't master it to an extent like Jugo or other clan members can, Ginjo can't partially transform. When he does transform its still not his whole body, yet he still loses his mind. Still he can only transform when he is almost dead, but in addition after being inserted with more DNA, when he is almost out of chakra he transforms, and it gives him a momentary boost in chakra.

      4. What are its weakness? Briefly summarize each below:

      A weakness to this is that after exiting out of his transformation, he passes out completely and won't wake back up until a few hours later. Not only that, it puts a strain on his body, after he wakes up, his joints become stiff and he can't hardly move. Another weakness is that when he does looses his mind, he attacks any and everyone unlike Jugo when it seems whoever he is attacking or is being attacked by he targets them. But a simple tree can be the target of Ginjo's rage when he loses his mind.

      5. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if the transplant is approved? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

      As I said in my previous application, my plan is to rp with him more and more so that he can gain control over his transformations and gather natural energy on his own will. As he rp's more, he will gradually gain control of Jugo's Clan DNA. Also I plan on making a group with Ginjo and a few of my other characters, but I want to get Ginjo situated first then move on to the next. Then I will establish a village with that group of people. When he gains control gradually, I want to make technique using his transformations mainly pertaining to earth release.

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      Your application has been approved!

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