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The metal soldiers was a process of taking ones chakra and fusing it with new armor tech. Version one was a complete disaster in which most subjects died or went mad. the only person who did live was Suchi-ru a man living in the Kamigami village as a squad leader. When version 6 came out this was the only version to ever have more then ten people live the process. The other versions were distroyed as soon as they were proven to blow up randomly which was the first day they were built.


Version one was a bulky giant armored suit that would only ever serve as a base defence. After a certain amount of years the version was dumped and was never brought back to research the only reason Suchi-ru is still alive is so he can teach the new users how to work the vesion 6 suits and watch over the village also to train and command squad one.

Version 6 is a much skinnier version of the Metal soldiers that fuses with the user. This version was made to control elemental powers that would be assinged in each suit depending on the users chakra.this version shows the face but has a helmet that puts its self on once combat is engaged. All of the ninja of Kamigami village have this suit as soon as they are 30 years old and have become jonin.


The last type insted of a suit is a glove that fuses with the users DNA and when the user dies the divive explodes. this glove has the same powers of the suits left hand which hace elemental powers but can only contain one element just like the suit. When students squad leader thinks they are readynthey must also be 14 or older.

The only elements used in the suits and glove are



with the metal suits and glove insted of making a chakra that looks and acts like the elements the suit and glove convert ones chackra into the actual element and burst it out in the form of balls and other commen shapes. the glove is to the right---->

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