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  • Name: Minato Rasengan Resurrection Technique (English TV "Minato Style: Secret Rasengan Healing Power Jutsu"; Fake Parody "Ninja Art: Minato Style: Super Secret Rasengan Healing Power: My Version Jutsu" UK DVD "Art of Minato's Art of Spiral Sphere Reincarnating World)
  • Type: B-Rank, Supplementary
  • Hand Seals: Snake, Rabbit, Monkey, Tiger
  • Users: Namikaze clan excluding Naruto

Minato Rasengan Resurrection Technique is a Rasengan that has green chakra. You attack an injured ally and he is fully healed. A Namikaze special technique. Kakashi used his own version in which can heal two people, it is known as this technique's "fake parody". This origins from Minato's jutsu but not created by him.

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