Miniature Siren Embodiment
Name: Miniature Siren Embodiment
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Hand Seals: Unknown
Range: Long
Inventor: Engan
User(s): Engan
Parent Jutsu: None
Derived Jutsu: None

The Miniature Siren Embodiment technique is the Sanmori's most powerful jutsu. Engan only uses this technique once he has entered his Three-Tailed state Version Two. The ends of his tails break off, morphing into miniature Sanbi’s, as seen in the real Sanbi’s mouth, surrounded by glowing Sanbi chakra. These are propelled through the air towards the opponent, or otherwise reach them. Once they are in contact with the target, the glow around them increases, and their form vanishes, turning them into chakra orbs. They merge with the target, surrounding them with the chakra. When the chakra dies down, the opponent has been transformed into a kelpie, a reptilian version of a wolf or hunting dog, with seaweed along its body. Their mind stays intact, but they have no control over their body, and it acts as a wild animal. It is implied that the similar being Engan was seen riding on when he first encountered Josho is one of these transformed people.

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