Naruto fanon character
Birth Date
Age 15
Blood type A
Gender Female
Kekkei Genkai Iragan, Light Chakra
Current Location Leaf Village
Origin Hidden Leaf Village
Chakra Type Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light
Rank Chunin
Team Team Edge
Affiliation Konohagakure, Fuma Clan
Family Kagero Fuma (aunt,deceased), Genkuyagero Fuma (uncle)


Mio is about 161cm tall with short blonde hair. She wears clothes similiar to Sakura Haruno after the timeskip except her shirt is light pink. She also carries a special weapon that was specially made for her by her uncle Genkuyagero Fuma, on her wrist called a Chakra Splicer. The splicer is a wooden armband ,covered with hidden writing depicting a secret jutsu Genkuyagero crafted into the splicer, and a retractable blade made from the same material as the element spike on the Spear of Fuma allowing Mio to use similiar techniques.



1. Earth Armor

2. Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique

3. Earth Style: Dig Wave

4. Splicer Blade: Earth Chasm

5. Barrier Jutsu

6. Wind Style: Air Shot

7. Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

8. Lightning Style: Sharp Shot

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