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Naruto character

Age 11
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Futago
Kekkei Genkai Elemental Forms
Current Location House
Village of Origin Futago
Rank Genin

Personal Information

Mitate Mero is a very dark and brutal person. All the time. He is on a squad lead by Kev Kenned and with squad mates Soto Eromalc and Todoso Natsumi. ]Mostly because his elemental form is darkness, which he is only trained to use all the time. You rarely see him talk, he usually only talks when talked to. He doesn't care about anyone else's lives. He 'punishes' those who get in his way. There is absolutely no way to cure this behavior. He is always being watched , looking for signs of running away to The Diablo. He is always talking to himself about the Diablo. He has studied every single book there is about Black Eid. He usually only uses the techniques that Black Eid himself created. You could call him a fan, but that would be a lie. He does not want to go there for power, but to be able to kill mercilessly with no repercussion. He would be the fifth human to live in Necros and Naigakure.


  • Shadow Release: Dark Eclipse
  • Speed of Dark

and much more.


In battle, he does not like to move, but to put all the enemies into countless genjutsu or Shadow Releases until the bodies are numb with fear of the darkness. He then, reluctantly, lets his team mates take over from there. If he is the only one left, he uses all of his elemental form's power, physically impairing all the enemies, leaving them dead.


Think about the boys personality and techniques, and guess what he looks like. He wears an all black short sleeve shirt, and all black shorts. You would usually find him hiding in the shadows.

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