Miyaka Ichifuyu is the wife of Kagemaru Namikaze, son of Namikaze I, and the Mother of Rikugo Namikaze. "Miyaka" means "beautiful night flower" and "Ichifuyu" means "First Winter".

Basic Information

Name: Miyaka Ichifuyu

Nick Name: The Shinobi's Helen of Troy

Birthdate: September 11

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Blood Type: A

Affiliation: Konohagakure


  • Miyako Ichifuyu (Mother)
  • Yuki Kusaka (Father)
  • Kagemaru Namikaze (Husband)
  • Rikugo Namikaze (Son)
  • Sorawo Namikaze (Son)
  • Shiroa Namikaze (Daughter)

Early Life

Miyaka Ichifuyu was the daughter of Miyako Ichifuyu and Yuki Kusaka. She was born in the Village Hidden in the Snow.

As a child, Miyaka had a peaceful life. Her parents worked as simple farmers and braught in a fair income. The family, poor as they were, still wanted the best for their daughter so they sent her to the town Academy to train as a kunoichi.

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