Moeteimaru "the Firestorm" Arashi was a Sunagakure ninja nicknamed "the firestorm" because of his ability to use fire and wind simulanteously.


Moeteimaru had pitch-black hair reaching his shoulders, pale-white skin and pitch-black eyes. A notable part of his appereance was his many tattoed seals.


Moeteimaru was a power-hungry yet careful man who wanted to do anything that tested his endurance.


While Moeteimaru was eight years old he hid in the Kumogakure library during one of the attacks on it wich led to that the entrance to the library was blocked. Moeteimaru saw this as an opportunity to read the forbidden scrolls containing his life-long passion: Chakra seals. He became particulary interested in the art of sealing and manipulation of chakra through body seals. Wanting to try it out he took a knife and carved a chakra seal into his hand. The immidiate chakra draining knocked him out and he was unconcious for a week. When he woke up a week later he was lying in a hospital bed. Apperantly the seal on his hand had been feeding on his chakra for days until recently ago. The reason was that the seal had been overfed and the seal now had his wind-natured chakra completely drained. Moeteimaru lived a normal life afterwards until his sealing passion made him carve another seal into his hand. Moeteimaru almost fainted because of the immidiate cahkra loss.

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