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Mokunti Senshi is a Tokubetsu Jonin of the Hidden Leaf Village. His relatives are currently unknown.

Mokunti Senshi

Mokunti Senshi

Senshi Mokunti

Mokunti Senshi


September 17


Part II-15


Part I-5'2"







Blood type




Previous partner(s)




Previous affiliation(s)




Previous team(s)

Neten Hyuga, Hizuka Haruno


Medical Corp

Previous occupation(s)


Kekkei Genkai


Tailed Beast




Hiden Jutsu


Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Jōnin Prom. Age



Mokunti is a brave-hearted soul, and a modest one at that. He won't be afraid to speak his mind, and he doesn't take pride in his strength. He doesn't believe that he's stronger than anyone, or at least he wno't freely admit it.


Mokunti wears clothes similar to that of Azuma Sarutobi. He wears a silk cloth sticking out of his waist on his left side, and a white scarf around his neck most of the time. He is always carrying his Senshi Staffs across his back. His hair is the same color to that of Kakashi, and he has close to the same style as he had when kakashi was younger.


Mokunti has no specified goal, except to go through life surviving in the nasty world he lives in.


Mokunti has taken charge of three different elements; Earth, Water and Lightning. He is also able to use his staffs for different Taijutsu purposes and uses them very skillfully.

Lightning Release

Mokunti has recently learned how to effectively use the Lightning Release element. He knows a few jutsu with this:

Lightning Release: Repetitive Electricity

  • More may be added as series progresses
Water Release

Mokunti has been able to perform the Water Release since he graduated frmo the Academy at 11. He uses this jutsu very capably and has some jutsu derived from it:

Water Release: Uprising Surf

Water Release: Pulsing Rage

  • More may be added as series progresses
Earth Release

Mokunti learned how to utilize the Earth element when he became Chunin. He doesn't use it as well as Water, but he has technically learned how to use it well, learning a few jutsu:

Earth Release: Terra Blockade

Earth Release: Boulder Compartment

  • More may be added as series progresses
Weapon: Senshi Staffs

Mokunti has shown full abilities with his staffs. Some being him breaking them into four smaller staffs and using different battle stances, including Centipede Formation. He is able to move elegantly and quickly even with these staffs in awkward positions around his body.


New Era: Densetsu

Return of Sauno and Uzuna Arc

Mokunti was first seen along with Hizuka Haruno and Neten Hyuga when Sauno and Uzuna returned from their two year long trip. Uzuna made a mental thought about Mokunti being his old friend from the academy. When the newly arrived chunin were dragged into a fight with the three Jonin, Mokunti was apart of this.

They fought, and Mokunti showed off his Lightning Abilities and some Taijutsu skills, but not much else was seen.

Captured Arc

Mokunti was seen when Hizuka was captured. He chased after Uzuna and Sauno, who had burst out of the room.

When they caught up to Koukishi Yokubou, he released their secret weapon: Sasko of the Hidden Sand. Mokunti showed off his Staff skills as he used a couple of battle stances, including the Centipede, and successfully utilized his talents. After being stabbed, Mokunti fell back and let Sauno and Uzuna finish up. After Sauno had been taken away, and Mokunti was patched up, Mokunti and Uzuna headed farther ahead, soon joined by Neten, along with Crino Yamanaka.

At Crystal Cave, Mokunti was mainly in charge of being a distraction, and fought Koukishi a bit to give Uzuna time to charge the Piercing Rasengan. After Uzuna dashed after Koukishi, Mokunti was seen chasing after Uzuna.

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