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Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Kanji 多重影分身の術
Rōmaji Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
Literal English Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Viz manga Multiple Shadow Dopplegangers Technique
English TV Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Kinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Bunshinjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Hand seals Clone seal
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu
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This jutsu is essentially a massive version of the Shadow Clone Technique. Instead of a few clones, it creates a few hundred clones (or a number of equal grandeur). This is considered a forbidden jutsu, because it can potentially be dangerous to the person performing it, seeing as how all of the clones are given an equal amount of chakra directly from the user. Naruto learned the technique from the scroll of forbidden seals written by the First Hokage.

Few people are able to use this technique effectively, due to the large amount of chakra it consumes. However, this weakness is not an issue to Naruto, due to his massive chakra reserves. Having such reserves allows him to create hundreds of clones while maintaining a decent supply of chakra in each one. This technique is also used by Naruto to train quickly, since all the clones share their experiences with Naruto, but it causes extreme fatigue with repeated use. Some times in the anime or manga, Naruto does not appear to distinguish between the Multiple and regular variations of the technique, and often simply says "Shadow Clone Technique" regardless of how many clones he uses.

Facts about "Multiple Shadow Clone Technique"RDF feed
Appears inAnime +, Manga +, Game + and Movie +
Jutsu class typeSupplementary +
Jutsu classificationKinjutsu +, Ninjutsu + and Bunshinjutsu +
Jutsu rankA +
ParentShadow Clone Technique +
PictureMultiple Shadow Clone Technique +
User techNaruto Uzumaki (Chidori) (null) +, Kiyoshi (Sparks) (null) +, Saemon Ōtsutsuki (null) +, Konohamaru Sarutobi (Sparks) (null) +, Shinji Nara (null) +, Minato Uchiha (null) +, Naruto Uzumaki (Sparks) (null) +, Fuu (Sparks) (null) +, Sensui (null) +, Kazuo (null) +, Aoki Hozuki (null) +, Sora Umiyo (null) +, Hamura Nara (null) +, Moby (null) +, Rokuro Kenshin (null) +, Sushi Uchiha (null) +, Sakumo Uchiha (null) +, Namikaze Menma (null) +, Taruto Uchiha (null) +, Genki (null) +, Ziro Uchiha (null) +, Zaraya (null) +, Nishiki Uchiha (null) +, Shi Aikira (null) +, Senshi Uchiha (null) +, Kise Kireru (null) +, Moeru Jonetsu (null) +, Reitoko Yuki (null) +, Raiu Shin (null) +, Hisashi Hyūga (null) +, Itami Sarutobi (null) +, Kato Kenshin (null) +, Karasu Youkai (null) +, Tentei Uzumaki (null) +, Ando Iburi (null) +, Raion Uchiha (null) +, Duy Akimichi (null) +, Izaya Jun (null) +, Kasai Uzumaki (null) +, Shirubā Hyuga (null) +, Gin Shimura (null) +, Kareha Kurosaki (null) +, Densetsu (null) +, Ikari Uzumaki (null) +, Rukia Kaguya (null) +, Zeno Abarai (null) +, Naruto Uzumaki (TufftierChicken) (null) +, Mugen Inuzuka (null) +, Kenji Inazuma (null) +, Suri Kōshitsu (null) +, Kazaki Uchiha (null) +, Yaburu (null) +, Azumi Sato (null) +, Chikara Uzumaki (null) +, Temari Uchiha (null) +, Sasuke Uchiha(Jak) (null) +, Dan Takagari (null) +, Itami Uchiha (null) +, Yoru Uchiha (null) +, Haru Hyūga (null) +, Takashi Kazami (null) +, Akio Senju (null) +, Rogen Toriyama (null) +, Omega Uchiha (null) +, Warujie (null) +, Ryuga Uchiha (null) +, Takashi Yoshimaru (null) +, Raian Uchiha (null) +, Ken Hyuga (null) +, Draco (null) +, Shiro Uchiha (null) +, Seigō Nakano (null) +, Raikū Murciélago (null) +, Hashirama Senju (null) +, Ekaterina Kiroshika (null) +, Kisho Yasuo (null) +, Yoshitsune (null) +, Urusai (null) +, Kawarama Uchiha (null) +, Eimii Runō (null) +, Ryūto Shinto (null) +, Ezemaru Ketsu (null) +, Yōhime (null) +, Gekido Ozunu (null) +, Zoruka (null) +, Tahero (null) +, Inari Okami (null) +, Takao Fujitate (null) +, Chieko Akimichi (null) +, Mamaru (null) +, Ninigi Senju (null) +, Tairā (null) +, Soru Kurama (null) +, Arashi Uzumaki (null) +, Nisemono (null) +, Kijo (null) +, Sakin (null) +, Chieko (null) +, Gozen Tomoe (null) +, Naruto Uzumaki (East Dragons) (null) +, Kokuhyou Nara (null) +, Homura Yamakaji (null) +, Hizashi Senju (null) +, Naoto no Mikoto (null) +, Kei Yotsuki (null) +, Taijinn (null) +, Tsuki Rinku (null) +, Amaya Uzumaki (null) +, Shinji Uchiha (null) +, Haru Chōjin (null) +, Omoi (Achlus) (null) +, Izou Uzumaki (null) +, Takagi Toyotomi (null) +, Okuyuki Raika (null) +, Ryuun Shukiro (null) +, Kemuri Monodukuri (null) +, Ayumi Senju/Akane (null) +, Raiku Uchiha (null) +, Takumi Sarutobi (null) +, Ashina Uchiha (null) +, Kirisame (1Kidney) (null) +, Bobu Nomi (null) +, Shikizaki Hyuga (null) +, Enaji (null) +, Kontoru Tsuchigumo (null) +, Birusu Uchiha (null) +, Tomoshi Uchiha (null) +, Shouzan Hayaku (null) +, Raio Uchiha (null) +, Iroha (null) +, Sakyo (null) +, Ryuji Uchiha (null) + and Shina Renton (null) +

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