English TV Muninn
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Hand seals Bird → Dragon → Horse → Tiger → Bird
Derived jutsu

Muninn is referred to by Josho as the pinnacle of Nature manipulation.

This may only be used when Josho has access to the power contained within the Rashomon gate. A shadow or fog emerges, made of that energy, with no particular shape. It then shifts into a different energy, for Muninn's effect is to allow the user to manifest the energy of anything in their memory, though the clarity of the memory affects the power needed to use it, as does the energy of the object. Other things may be imbued with this energy, making for powerful weapons.

Josho has demonstrated the ability to modify his own chakra to possess the traits of another, using this technique. Because of this, he is able to impersonate others, as well as use unique skills. Jinchuriki abilities, because they stem entirely from the chakra of the Bijuu, are easy to copy with this technique, while those stemming from Nature Transformations are slightly harder, as he must know the technique in question to perform it, as well as possessing the correct chakra. Kekkei Genkai not involving Nature Transformations cannot be utilized by this technique, although some of their abilities' power may be manifested.

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