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Mystic Sealing Technique
Kanji 神秘封印術
Rōmaji Shinpi Fūinjutsu
Literal English Mystic Sealing Technique
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Fūinjutsu, Mysticism
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand seals Pyô → Shā → Jin → Sai
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The Mystic Sealing Technique (神秘封印術, Shinpi Fūinjutsu) is the primary sealing technique that is utilized by Mystics, and thus is applicable to a variety of situations. Simply put this technique allows the user to seal chakra of either the practitioner, or another source, into a particular target. This target can be either a living being or an inanimate object, though the latter requires the object to be of extreme quality in order for the technique to be a success. Due to the nature of this technique it could be used to create jinchūriki, though alone it isn't powerful enough to seal demons on the level of the nine tailed beasts. It should be noted that this seal is a odd numbered seal and therefore can cause an imbalance if used in conjunction with an even numbered seal. This technique is performed by placing one's hand onto the target after performing the necessary hand seals.

This sealing technique shows a unique effect if it used to seal a portion of the user's chakra. In such circumstances the user is able to utilize this stored chakra to perform techniques at the point of the seal, even if the user is not in contact with the seal. It should be noted that to use a technique through this seal requires the user to utilize the aforementioned technique's activation method, such as hand seals, as normal. Furthermore utilizing the seal in this way destroys the seal in the process. In this way the user can perform techniques in various ways, possibly expanding their effectiveness in combat.

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