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Nai Konpaku

  • Dead Soul
  • Scythe

Nai Konpaku is a custom made scythe by the god of death for Emanyeru Kouseitan'i upon completing his Dark Angel training (another spoiler ). The scythe was later modified into a double ended scythe that allowed emanyeru to spin it like a shruiken. His scythe's ability is to control souls, darkness and hell fire. Even the slightest cut can be fatal. With his ability to control souls he can in effect drain their body of their soul, blood, and bodily fluid turning the body into nothing more than dried up cellulose. The scythe is embedded with million upon billions of souls that Emanyeru and the Shinigami have collected over time and he uses them to enhance his scythe giving it the abilities of the soul.

Double Scythe by AbscenceOfHear

Nai Konpaku

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